What would we do without Google?
How would our questions be answered?

Now Google is so creepily smart that it tries to guess what you will ask it.
Perhaps it picks the most frequently googled questions and lets you go from there. All I have to say is...
people ask weird questions.

Enjoy the screenshots.
Then go ahead.
Type "why..." into the search box and see what comes up.


I have never owned a parakeet. Nor should the people who are wondering this. Paging animal control.

You probably can't own a Canadian because of weird customs laws or something.
Or because it's a PERSON!

If you have to ask Google why he doesn't love you, you probably have your answer right there. Sorry sweetie.

Your computer is so slow because you are spending too much time asking Google why your computer is so slow. As for the Pakistani... someone please call 911.

Something I am wondering is why doesn't my keyboard have a cents symbol?
Because it bugs when you have to type 50 cents.

Why did I have to type 50 cents?
Because over at The Benner Daily, you can find out how to make gifts for 50¢.

What's that?
Did I just type ¢?


Thanks Trish.
You are better than Google.


  1. well ya know I'm special like that ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure Google tailors responses to things that are supposed to be relevant to topics you have previously searched... sooo...


  3. This is so funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. too funny! i just tried it and i got - "why do men have nipples". lol!

  5. You know you really can make a persons bad day have a good laugh. thank you. It was much needed. My little boys say thank you too. Now I must go learn how to do a cents sign. It really bugs me too!!

  6. LMAO Julie! now my over worked abs are hurting even worse, LOL

    The other day Isabela asked me what it was like when I was her age and I said "we did not have computers" she gasped and said "No Computer! how did you LIVE!?!?!?!" LOL I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard.

    Thanks for the giggle :)

  7. OK I just typed in Why and the 1st thing it suggested was

    "why do men have nipples"
    that was already said

    This was my fav

    "why did Micheal Jackson turn white"


  8. I love this post. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD ;)

  9. lol I typed in why will and got "why will gram positive cells more than 24 hours old stain gram negative"

    I do wonder that quite a bit...

  10. I've blogged about what strange google searches direct people to my blog (Like how to remove a dead cat from the road) but I've never tried this - it's HILARIOUS! If it's ok, I'm gonna send my readers over to see this....

  11. Ha!! That is too funny! Those poor parakeets...

  12. Oh my gosh . . . too funny! I was laughing out loud at some of those!

  13. LOL!!! Some of those questions are CRAZY!!! I do however know why there is a dead Pakistani on the couch - it is actually a line from the show LOST (can you tell I'm a fan) it is actually when Sayid is found on the couch in Hurley's house after getting beat up by some bad people - his mother walks in and says to Hurley, "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch".
    Is it weird that I know this??? LOL!!!

  14. So I know this is weird of me, but when I was at the mall with my sister today we walked past a stand for the Western Nut Company and they had these little stuffed animal squirrels with t-shirts on them that said "Western Nut Company." (That's not the weird part. I'm getting to it.) I looked at that squirrel and though to myself, "Those will all end up in really old people's houses. Or will be given as gifts by really old people." But then (this is the weird part) out of nowhere I thought of your daughter loving squirrels and suddenly I had this impulse to buy it and mail it to you for your daughter. I didn't. But I wanted to. I think sometimes I'm surprised to think of people I only know through blogs when I'm out doing real life. Haha. What a funny little world. Also, this post really did make me laugh out loud. Thanks for some fun reading. :)

  15. Ahahahahahaha!!!
    Being from Canada, I love the "why can't I own a Canadian"

    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. I am lauging histerically over this. I like the "Why is Michael Jackson white" line. Too funny! So how'd you get the cent sign to work? I just gotta know, and now I'm a bit afraid to Google it.

  17. my FAVORITE...why did I get married?

  18. Google... my daughter's answer to why? Keep in mind she is eight. This just reinforces why I go to Google for her questions and not her. A dead Pakistani.... crazy.

  19. Hilarious!! Google maps used to tell you to swim in the ocean if you asked for directions from the US to the UK, but alas they fixed it =(. Thanks for the giggle!

  20. My "why" said - Why do men have nipples?... something I've often wondered myself but never thought to to ask Google. I've always thought that God didn't want them to feel left out :)

  21. Ok, now try "what" and look for the long result about strawberries... yikes!

    This was a hilarious post, Julie :) Thanks for a good mid-day laugh.

  22. Ok, those google things are hilarious!

    I love your picture craft. That's something that I could actually, maybe, pull off!

  23. Too funny!

    I'm pretty sure the Pakistani comment came from the last season of Lost. Hurley's mom said that.

  24. where is the cent symbol?

  25. Pee-in-my-pants hilarious. Thank you for that!