Are you already BFF's with your sewing machine,
but don't want to miss out on the fun?

Don't fret.
Heather from Cookie Mondays offered,
(I actually forced her, but that is besides the point)
to host a
Honor Student
Scarf Along
where she will teach you how to make this cozy,
gorgeous bit of delicious.

Selfishly I just wanted to learn.
But then I thought you fancy seamstresses would too.

Want to add another fun project to the never ending to-do list?

I do.

Hop over to say hello to our professor Heather.
It's going to be fun!


  1. I AM am over achiever...but being that I have used my sewing machine as a foot rest for the last 5 years, me thinks I belong in the "slower kids" class....

  2. LMBO... between the two of you I am going to have too many projects! lol But I am so doing both. ;)

  3. Why not throw another project on the pile??

    I was always the nerdy honor student in high school, so it will feel good to be amongst my peers again :)

  4. Whoohoo! I'm excited! My 11 yr old is IN!