As I sit and write this, in front of my beautiful computer,
a cup of coffee next to me, in my safe, big new home,
mothers are burying their babies.

This is not okay.

I know what it feels like to bury a child.
I would do anything to prevent a mother feeling that pain.
That devastation.

If I could have prevented Joy's death I would have.
If you could have prevented her death, you would have.

But we do have the power to save lives.

To change the world.

With water.

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80%
of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every
year than all forms of violence, including war.

Yet for only $10 you can provide one person
in Africa with clean water for ten years.

Ten. Years.

Today I do not care about anything else.
Today I am buying water.
Because I can do something.
I can change something.
I can save a mother from the agony of losing her precious child.

$10 is hardly a sacrifice for me.
But I know with all of my heart, that $10 will be
by far the best money that I will spend this Christmas season.

Join me.
Blog about it.
Tweet about it.
Update your Facebook status.

Today is about water.
Today is about saving lives.
Today is about something bigger than ourselves.

100% percent of your donation will buy water for Christmas.

Every single penny.

Because I am so heartbroken,
so passionate about this,

I will send a scarf to the
first ten people who

email me

after they buy water.

I am serious.

Now go.


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this! What an awesome idea!

    We have a missionary friend (Living Water Ministries) in Guatemala who digs wells there. Not only does he help provide entire villages with clean water and medical needs, he and his team also share the love of Christ.

    The Chubby Dove donates a percentage of all sales to this ministry. My husband and I purchased a "well form" which is a mold used in making new wells for villages.

    We take for granted that we have fresh clean water. People in these areas have to drink the same water that they bathe in and that's just not right.

    Thank you for doing this. I hope alot of people will GO BUY WATER!

  2. Wow, this was a great way to start the morning. I made my Paypal donation and am off to Facebook this to my friends.

    Have a blessed and bright day everyone!

  3. I look at this post and wonder how many people's lives YOU will change because you chose to share this. People you don't know, people who don't know you. People without internet and TV. People fighting to survive. I know that you have COUNTLESS followers and even if just a handful of them take the time to click on over and donate, people will live.

    I just came from the website and made my donation. But not for the scarf...because this year more than ever it is important to me to teach my kids and remind myself the TRUE meaning of Christmas. It isn't about getting, but about giving...especially to those less fortunate than us. This is such a small way to help those who don't even have the basics for survival.

    Thanks for are helping more people than you even know.

    Hugs to you my friend!

  4. I also commend you for doing this -- what a worthy cause. I made my paypal donation as well -- and I will also send out the message via facebook. :)

  5. What a great first Christmas Present purchase!

    Too bad I'm just woke up & my first donation was $1. Tried again & did $10 ;)

  6. Just blogged about it - used some of your words and pictures since you said it so much better then I could...hope this is ok. Thanks again for doing this. My donation has been made, plan on doing more. Thanks for spreading the word.

  7. AWESOME!!! thanks for being a part of this!!!

  8. Thank you so much for blogging about this - I'd never heard of this charity before! I made a donation, and will keep it in mind for future ones as well...

  9. Thsnks for bringing this to our attention. First Christmas present bought this year! =)

  10. I just went and bought water. It was simple. Thanks for encouraging others to give something so important!

  11. what a perfect way to start the Christmas spirit. I'm making it my Facebook status today. And it feels so good to help others.

  12. I made my donation! A gift I just know Jesus would love to have at His birthday party!!
    Thank you for your sweet heart!
    Many Blessings!

  13. Done and done.

    I also contacted to see about a blog post to help promote the cause even more!

    Africa is very near to my heart so thank you Julie for this post!


  14. wow. amazing.
    thank you.
    truly. truly.

  15. What a great cause! I just donated $20. It's so sad that we waste so much water everyday, when there are people out there that don't have ANY clean water. I'm totally stealing some of your post and pictures for my blog. Thanks!!

  16. Wow. Just wow. Im crying. :(

    I made my donation and put a banner on my sidebar. Its the least I can do.

    Thanks for sharing this with my Julie ((HUGS))

  17. I did a blog entry too.

    Thank you again for sharing this with me :)

  18. This is a beautiful idea! I will buy some water too and spread the word.

  19. I just wrote about this on facebook. We think we are broke all the time, but not having the resources or money to give my baby clean water...$10 is nothing.

  20. Just blogged about it on our crafty blog as well as our personal family blog!

    May families be flooded with water this Christmas season!

    Thank you for letting us know this way to share Christ's love.

  21. What a great post. We have been contributing through our church through a program called Water is Basic.
    It helps equip the Sudanese people with drilling equipment and manpower to dig their own wells for their villages. We just recently hit 100 this month! Yea! for clean water for all!

  22. love this--thanks for posting cause I didn't know about it. I will blog about it and post on facebook.

    Ten dollars. I can do that. And really enjoy my water today.

  23. Wonderful cause! Africa is close to our hearts :)

    I donated - very easy to do!

    Thanks for sharing Julie!!

  24. Great post! Our church started something similar a few years ago called Advent Conspiracy.

    It's an amazing thing!

  25. well done julie!

    big hugs... sure hope the flood gates open today...
    and wide!

  26. I wouldn't have know about this if it weren't for you. I, too, have made my donation and hope this will help make a difference. I'll facebook it too.

  27. I'm donating and I'm urging all of my fb friends to do the same. I'm going to let my small group know about this later today.

  28. blogged about it last night & donated at midnight & tweeted it.
    love your heart for this.

  29. I've read a few blogs this morning that have posted about Water, but the way you wrote your post is insanely moving. Just thought you should know.
    Off to facebook to spread the word.

  30. Julie, you have such a heart for God!

    You make me cry.
    In a good way.
    Love you!

  31. I linked to your post.

    Thanks lady. You rock!!

  32. Just donated and will blog about it later. Thank you for putting this out there, Julie!

  33. This is why I love you and your blog. You continuously help others in whatever way you can. You don't think about yourself but how to help others. I am off to donate. Thank you.

  34. Thank you for posting this. I went and donated right away and posted it to my facebook page in the hope that others will donate as well.

  35. what an amazing opportunity,

  36. Love your post about this. So anxious to hear how much was donated today. It could be amazing...

  37. Cool Cool Cool.... our church did this last year and we decided to do it this year as a family.... the girls will get their Santa gifts but the rest of what we would have spent is going there.... we are so excited!!!!

  38. did it.
    and i have a wonderful feeling so many more will because of the great, thoughtful, caring blogging world. its amazing what can happen with just a post.

    you da best!

  39. donated $20 feels good to do something (although small) at least!

  40. I just got home from a weeks quilt camp. I have you on my blog list and am slowing ( while doing the wash, cleaning know the routine) catching up with blog land.
    Your gift is one that I am buying too. We all need to be reminded of OUR blessings and those that are not so fortunate.
    We are having our first grandchild in March. I cannot imagine in my incredible JOY that I would worry about the water she would have to drink. I am deeply touched by your post. I will be sure to share your message with many. XXX Annie

  41. Love this!!! Lets chat about it. Also, check out the amazing movement

    It will make your heart beat a bit faster to see that there is an uprising. A movement. To end extreme poverty.


  42. I'm late in the game, but I donated also and put a link up in Facebook. So wonderful.

  43. I am just now reading this post. And crying. That was my birthday. The day I was being selfish and letting my family spoil me, could have been the day I helped save a life. But I am reading this now. Better late than never.