three fairies live in our house.
a flower fairy
a squirrel fairy (yes. a squirrel fairy. she's random.)
an "I hate hair accessories" fairy

all three flew around collecting candy for me to steal.
it was magical.

besides the reese's pieces,
my favorite part of the night
was seeing my little fairies in their
sweet halos and wands
I even wore a matching one...

if only I had a picture to prove I was there.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog... you know how sometimes you are searching for something and then you can't remember what? Then, I just kept reading and reading, and now it is an hour later. Must say - I love your space here on the internet. I love the way you write. :) Love it all. Cheers to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Julie...they look just how I thought they would. Thank for you letting me be apart of your memories. I am glad the girls loved their halos and wands as much as I did making them!


    Bummer no pic of you!

  3. That is funny...Corinne @ the splended stuff. The same thing just happend to me. I believe I am hooked now, with the "squirel fairy" and I thought only boys were that random? hahaha... B

  4. I love all your girls, but Lulu is the bomb. We're so much alike it's not even funny!

  5. I love all your girls, but Lulu is the bomb. We're so much alike it's not even funny!

  6. aww...they are too cute...and stealing candy is the mom's duty..after all she wouldn't want her kids to get all that sugar before bed and get a tummy ache!! :) think of it as payment for making/buying/decorating the kids in costumes and hauling them thru the neighborhood!! happy tuesday!! :)

  7. i love the pic of 'hates hair accessories fairy' where she is crying. i'm sorry, i'm a sucker for crying infants.
    and i so love three little girls running around. i too am a mom to three fairies and i can't imagine anything being funner. thanks for sharing

  8. I just came across your site and have been spending my friday night reading it. Anyway, where did you get your girls pettiskirts? I am looking for one for my almost 3 year old for her 3 year old photos this summer.