Blame her.

Don't let the cute face
gappy teeth,
or big bald head fool you.

She. Does. Not. Sleep.

She's over it.
All day long it's party time.
No stopping for naps.
15 minutes and she's good.

I suppose it was inevitable.
My mom doesn't sleep.
I don't sleep.
Now Janey doesn't sleep.
Sometimes I don't heart genetics.

How is it that I have a 5 1/2 year old that I can still get to take three hour naps (totally aware that she is the only human kindergartner that still does that), yet I can't get my eleven month old to saw logs during the day?

So my left arm is getting crazy strong, hauling around twenty four pounds of cuteness.

Hauling around.
Not sitting.

So as my inbox fills, just know that I am trying to get through my emails.
Little by little.

But for now I am working hard on this.
Launching this.

There is still time to be a part.
To change the world.

Email me.
Janey promises to give me twenty minutes today to get back to you.
Maybe even twenty three.
It could be a record.


  1. OK, so what do you need us to do for project 320 to help? {i am a little confused} I'd like to help if I can.

  2. What an adorable little smile...seriously. And I just felt the need to share with you that I have a (home schooled) first grader who still takes naps. He's six. His four year old brother can skip naps and be just fine, but if he misses a nap he is a disaster! :) So your daughter isn't the only one!

  3. I feel your pain! My 14 month old still does not sleep longer than 4 hours at night....and that's a treat. Normally it's about every 3 hours AND she nurses each time! Naps...she'll take a 1 1/2-2 hr nap twice a day!

  4. My wee one doesn't sleep either! What is up with that???? Good thing they're so cute - they can get away with just about anything :)

    I'll have my donation to you this week :)

  5. Ouch - that hurts - a no-sleeping baby! Have you tried running a small fan (think Dollar Store) in the room for white noise? Worked great for my kids. Also, start a routine, like: lunch, then rocking and reading a couple of baby books, then walk around the room with her on your shoulder and hugging her favorite sleeping buddy, while you hum and pat her back. Then gently into the bed. Do that every day and maybe she will feel calm and tired. You never know - it might work! Good luck.

  6. I know how you feel. I think we should get my five year old and your five year old together so they can have a sleeping party, while my 8 month old and your 11 month old pretend they're rockstars.

  7. This doll of a daughter is too cute to sleep!!! She is PRECIOUS!

  8. No sleep? Wow. She sure is cute though. No sleep and all those smiles. She is going to be one amazing lady. I am getting excited about Project 320! So excited. Next week I pump out whatever I can for you. I have some fun ideas :)

  9. how about a baby wrap or mei tai with her on your back? you might be able to get a little more done =)

  10. I hate that!!! Ellie was the perfect baby, no crying, always happy, slept through the night since she was born, then at about 9 months she went crazy. always crying, no sleeping, nursing all night long. I could not catch a break! Now, today, she is 1 :( :( : (

    Love Janeys grin and bald head BTW :)

  11. I think I let all the CUTENESS fool me.Atlest you have something so adorable to look at all day *and night* long! ;) I can't get over how pretty her eyes are!

  12. those chompers!!!
    camden's bedtime is midnight.
    so maybe they can start chatting on the phone or something to free us up.

  13. oh good god do I feel your 15 mth old does not sleep either. She sleeps rather fine at night, but nap time...forget about it. Now if she falls asleep in the car I about do a dance I get so excited and keep a book handy and just read away while she sleeps in the car, thank god it has cooled off here. So yah I never get anything done during the bad!!
    I tell her everyday that she should be thankful she is so cute because it makes it really hard to be mad at her that she doesn't sleep and give her mommy a break(for a nap of my own occasionally)

  14. I so have one of those. And my oldest is still a sleeper at 8. 7 month old...not so much.

  15. Oh I SO get this!

    None of my kids sleep. The Baby (nearly 3, actually) was awake at 5:00 this morning. Just because.

    They all got rid of their naps at about 11 months old.

    And I *am* a sleeper! LOVE it. I would sleep 12 hours a day if I could. I.Love.Sleep.

    But my sleeping days are over, as long as I have small kids at home.

  16. I really sympathize (empathize?) with the no-napping baby! I don't think my boy is quite so bad, but by the time I get all three kids settled for nap time, he often wakes up! My crafting time has taken a major hit. ;)

    At least Janey is adorable!

  17. found my way here from mrs. dunbar! what an adorable site, and a beauty of a baby! :) going to check out your links and other posts!

  18. I know exactly what you mean! DD is 9 months and doesnt really nap. I can get her to fall asleep ON me. But the minute i try and put her down, she's wide awake.