I have to confess...
I was given a really amazing sewing machine during the summer from someone who was tired of having it collect dust in their closet. (Thanks Eryn!)
But, guess what it has been doing?
Collecting dust.
Because I was afraid to try it.
Yes, I am a total hypocrite.

So yesterday as I sat down to sew with my beloved, yet troubled Singer, I thought of all of you. That are scared of your sewing machines. So I unplugged my first love and opened up the case of the new and mysterious Brother.

The one that I don't know how to thread.
Or backstitch.
Or wind the bobbin.
Or have an owner's manual for.

Does that sound like you?

But I sat down. I stared. I turned knobs. I pressed buttons. I sewed some crazy jacked up stitches (on ugly scraps of course). I googled some things.

Slowly the Brother became less scary.
It became wonderful.
It doesn't sound like a freight train.
It doesn't eat my fabric.
It has a light.

All of the things that my Singer no longer could do, the Brother can.

I could have been sewing on it for months.

Totally kicking myself right now.

So if you are scared, I am right there with you.
I got through it and so will you.

When Monday comes I will give you a materials list and some homework.

I am so stinking excited!!!!

But someone has a head start on you...
They won Material Gal's Amy Butler Bundle.
Honestly I am a bit jealous.
Want to send me a scarf when you're done?



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  2. LOL girl! I have a Singer that is olddd and looks quite a bit like yours. It does the same things! Eats fabric, jams up, thread bunches all up and sounds like you're standing beside a train. I bought a Brother and omg, it's amazing the difference, I can actually watch and HEAR the TV while sewing unlike before.

  3. Totally have an owners manual somewhere! Ah! I didn't even think twice about it! I'll look this weekend and I'm totally stoked you love it! Cause Im really really enjoying my gorgeous duvet! Awesome trade if you ask me!

  4. I will be waiting anxiously for Monday! Thank you for doing this!

  5. Okay - you are speaking to my heart! heeh! I am there..monday...got the sewing machine from my parents basement today! ah! Love ya girl!

  6. I just inherited my husband's great-grandma's sewing cabinet!! My grandma gave me her new sewing machine several years and it has been in the closet ever since I attempted (and failed) to make kitchen curtains. I can't wait for Monday to get here. Everything is dusted off and ready to go!


  7. Julie!! Really?? Is it really me?? Oh my. I an slightly in shock at the moment. Did you happen to see my last post?I promise it's your fault (and Gussy's), because I promised you I would sew something...how do I "claim my prize"? ;)

  8. I am going to try to keep up. I have a machine from my sweet MIL and have done very little on it. I too struggle with the basics, threading, winding the bobbin, etc... My sewing experience goes back to high school home ec and 4h. In my mind I'm an in shape seamstress.....time to get the machine out and hop on the treadmill! Looking forward to Monday.

  9. I can totally relate!
    I've had this little blue sewing machine for YEARS (3-4)
    I'd tried sewing on it and it would work for a while, but if I moved any knobs it would jam. Then it wouldn't even sew regular stitches.
    My husband downloaded the owners manual and I was STILL scared to fiddle with it. My mom finally came over and helped me...
    My problem? I was threading it wrong! SO simple!
    So now I'm learning to sew and I'm looking forward to Monday!

  10. ummm...no self criticism necessary...i have an older White machine - it was my first!!...hard to find parts, eats fabric, jams up, and loves LOVES to snap pins and needles (i guess that's kinda my fault for sewing over them though!!)....anyway, i recently acquired an old antique (from the 40's) machine that is built so tough nothing is gonna hurt it and i am terrified to bust it out...not sure where to begin threading or anything...it can even quilt and has some other crazy looking attachments with it...soooo don't feel bad...everybody is strange to "change"....i'm so psyched for the scarf along...i might even be brave like you were and bust out the new, old machine!! :)

  11. I left my brand new sewing machine in the box for a year and half before I decided to pull it out and figure out how to use it, because before that I had only sewed once or twice with my mom. Once I plugged that baby in though, it was pure happiness and haven't looked back since!! Can't wait for Monday!

  12. I abuse my machine and have a new one I just can't bond with... I've tried and tried but it's just not the same. You have inspired me to finally dig out the old serger I got over a year ago and haven't even looked at. Those things are scary!