When I was a kid,
I was all about Little People.

I was one of those parent's dreams.
Playing quietly and happily in my
room for hours.

I have no idea what it is like to have
one of those kids, but I see my childhood
characteristics carry over into my adult life.

Playing quietly with fabric and
my sewing machine for hours.

I wish that my mom saved all of my Little People.
All full of lead paint and small enough to be a choking
hazard. How did I ever survive childhood?
I love the 5oth birthday old skool versions.
Janey loves them too.
But she really, really, really loves the original,
super dangerous one that I got in Kansas the most.
She knows the difference.
Not really. In fact the newer version is much easier for her to grab.

But I will always have a special place in my heart for the old ones.

The next week or so I am digging back into my archives to bring you some old skool posts. Back when I was just figuring out how to sew and blog and had much more free time. Back when maybe two or three of you read my ramblings. Thanks for sticking around and enjoy the flashbacks.

I will be packing and moving, checking your sweet comments on my phone and popping in on Friday to announce this weeks winner, as well as a new giveaway you WILL NOT want to miss.

Have fun kicking it old skool.


  1. Can I just say that I can't believe Janey is already sitting on the kitchen floor and playing with "people"!! It seems like yesterday she was born! She sure is a cutie!!!!

  2. I too loved little people. We had the house that looked like the one off the brady bunch! yeah those were the days.
    Praying for you as you move.

  3. Love, love, loved Little People! I spent hours playing with them!

  4. Love LP! Janie is just precious...but of course she is, her Momma broke the mold!

  5. Um...I didn't know the old LP had lead in them.
    I have a basket of old skool Little People right now on the bookcase next to me. My boys still play with them.

  6. I can't get over how cute Janey is!! *swoon* I loved Little People too, and Leila loves them as well! It's one of my favorite things to play with with her.

    Hope you're doing well, my friend!

  7. Man, I'm all about lead paint. Puts hair on a kids' chest.

    My son plays with my husband's old school tonka trucks...lead paint and full of rust...a tetanus shot waiting to happen...

  8. I absolutely loved Little People growing up and my mom saved a few of ours!

  9. we love little people, too! right now target has all the 50th anniversary ones for $11! i am stocking up for christmas because we have to have those, too!

  10. Why didn't you post this sooner?!? We were at my grandma's yesterday & my girls were playing with the old school little people from 30-35 years ago. I am going to tweet you the pics of my girls playing with lead paint little people! Ack!

  11. Oh how I loved those little people too. My mom still has a few. They really were the best. It keep wondering what toys my boys will remember later on when they are adults.

  12. Jillian calls anything that looks like "little people" her "pee-poles" - even Lego characters! We love Little People :) and love that little nugget of yours!!!

  13. OM Goodness I just want to pinch those sute little cheeks

  14. Oh I love little people, I even had the bus, love it!! Janey is too cute for words! Her cheeks are so cute and her little smile is precious!! I so can't wait to have one of my own to play with and spend time with and make things for. I pray you have a smooth moving and packing experience.
    ~Molly P

  15. I'm a huge fan of Little People! Unfortunately, my kids don't love them as much as I did. Maybe because they can't fit them into their mouths and propel them out in a force strong enough to knock over a cup of Kool-Aid? Oh wait, was that just me? I even had one wooden LP whose paint was chipping. Maybe that's what's wrong with me.

  16. I actually paid an obscene amount of money on ebay for the same Sesame Street Little People playhouse that I had growing up. And then I had to pay EVEN MORE for the old figures to go inside. I'm sure they are full of lead and disease but my kids love them!