Saturday, October 31, 2009


cuteness doesn't have to be spooky.
especially if you have your own
pair of jack-o-lantern teeth!

thanks for the outfit Erin!

happy halloween.


  1. Are you kidding me??? HOLY MOLY that is total and complete cuteness I see! I want her! And the outfit!

    Lovety love love love!!

    Have a fabulous Halloween friend!

  2. Oh man, I had bought that same plaid fabric with big plans of making my daughter a Halloween outfit out of it, and never got to it. Now I feel bad!

  3. It seriously does not get any cuter than this, and boy howdy is that outfit and headband the cutest!!!!! She looks so delicious you just want to eat her.

    Really spooootacular:)

  4. OMG she is SO freaking cute!!! Love the outfit!

  5. She looks adorable! Thought of your hilarious Freecycle posts when someone posted a Halloween costume request today at 5:45 pm! Like for real peeps?!

  6. Seriously, I dont think I have ever seen a cuter baby girl! and that outfit!!! Darling!!!!

  7. Look at those adorable little thighs! Haha! SO cute! (Man, I wish people said that about my post-pregnancy thighs. Ugh.) And my husband and I love her perfect little jack-o-lantern teeth. Happy Halloween! And what a cute little girl you have! :)

  8. a...dor...a...ble...!!!
    I just want to her up!!! :-)
    Seriously, the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!!
    LOVE IT!

  9. good grief is she caaaa-uuuute!!!

  10. omgoodness!!! dang she is too CUTE!!

  11. Oh my goodness that is just too much. I want to pinch those cheeks.


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