google has a cool feature that will tell you what
kind of things people are searching for that come to your blog.
and lots
of people find my blog by typing in this exact phrase:
"why am I so awesome?"
I am not kidding.
not why am I (Julie) awesome?
but they really want google to tell them why they are awesome.
lots of people.
ask google that.


don't worry. I can tell you why your are awesome.
and how to be more awesome.

you are awesome if this is you.
because you are the happy winner of your
very own adorable Lassie Girl pinnie.
even if that isn't you, stop by their awesome blog
and tell them how awesome they are.
spread the awesome.

you can visit the fabulous finds,
where I am the blog of the month.
plus they are hosting a giveaway for me.

then go to Lu Bird Baby.
Kristin is awesome.
she is hosting a giveaway for me too.
plus I wrote a super dorky bio about my dorky self.
the dork.

i. hate. cancer.
cancer is not awesome.

but you can be super awesome and shop for a cause.
for each flower sold in my shop from now until October 18th
$5 will be donated to the Carter's Crusaders Walk Team.
Carter is a strong and mighty little boy who is valiantly fighting liver cancer.
The walk will be held at Disneyland and benefits
CHOC Children's and CHOC Children's at Mission Hospital.

Read more about this amazing and brave little boy, as well as Carter's Crusaders at:

Thanks for being awesome!


  1. seriously? what a weird thing to google. thanks for supporting carter! his story has touched my heart.

  2. how do you do that google search thing? I mean, how do you find out what people search for to get to your blog? did that even make sense? geez, I'm sleep deprived...

  3. I am not surprised people find your blog by typing that phrase in. It is because you really do make us all feel awesome. Seriously.

  4. Ha! That is hilarious. Hopefully these people are humbled a bit when they find your blog =)

    AWESOME about the flowers! Be sure and add the tag "carters crusaders" to all your flowers in your shop so that they come up when people hit the "blinky button"

    I think that's how most "non=bloggers" have been getting to Etsy and buying.

    Thanks again! (You're Awesome!)

  5. Can you give Awesome lessons? I could totally use some.

    Thank you for all you're doing for Carter's Crusaders!