Lulu will never have to wonder.
A trip to the mermaid is a near weekly excursion.
{don't freak. this child was born naturally caffeinated. she's just rocking a cup of whipped cream. because sugar won't make her extra crazy...}

Want to know who I am super jealous of?
The lucky, happy winners of two prints from Freckles and Fairytales.

Is it you?
Or you?

I just can't stop thinking about Sarah's beautiful photography.
I want to move rightthisverysecond so I can put her prints up on the walls.
I also want packing and unpacking fairies to come and magically do it for me.
Or Starbucks fairies.


  1. WAHOO!!! JUST the thing I need to get my buns going on reorganizing (*ahem* CLEANING) and redecorating the craft and play room! Yay!

  2. Thank you so much Julie you guys rock

  3. look at those beautiful eyes!!! Better not take that cup away ;)