Lulu is starting preschool this week.
As I am getting all of her things ready I came across Halley's
old school issued bag. It is practical, but has seen better days.

My unique and random daughter is currently OBSESSED with squirrels.
No clue.
Not a single squirrel has ever lived around here.
She saw one in the mountains and now
thinks, dreams and talks about them 24/7.
So I seriously considered letting her use this Old Navy free shopping bag...
since she totes it around constantly. But... then I devised a much better plan.

I rigged up a slipcover for the old bag in her favorite color,
{wonder who influenced that choice?}
my favorite print and current favorite font.

A zquirrel.
Fits her silly self perfectly and now I will know exactly which bag on the rack is hers.


  1. how cute is that!!! my neighbors think im a little nuts for feeding our squirrels, but they stay out of my garden that way. great way to recycle!

  2. Now she has the cutest bag around. I am crazy about squirrels too. Great job!

  3. Augh! I love it! Hopefully she'll like squirrels for awhile.

  4. Looove the bag - you are the most creative mama I know! (Well, you and Heather!!) My Lulu starts preschool tomorrow - I'm a ball of nerves!

  5. when i first moved here i thought the squirrels were tailess...silly thought, i know. but, i saw the same squirell, with no tail, two days in a row. turns out his name is steve. recently it was discovered that steve is actually stevie! apparently, she had baby squirells around somewhere...her nursing goodies were hanging out! :o)

  6. Love it! Squirrels are the new owls ;)

  7. i saw that bag at old navy and loved it! but yours is way cuter! :)

  8. So cute and SO creative! Can you believe the squirrel is my sorority's mascot?! I don't know why they came up with that in 1901, but it wasn't a good idea. Instead we collected every acorn adorned thing we could find. If only this post had existed about 8 years ago!

  9. Love this & that zquirrel! ha! I have to make some bags like that for me & my girls! We're always looking for bags at the last possible minute!

  10. I love squirrels, too :) My mom and I have been obsessed with them forever, and the obsession only grew when my sorority mascot was a squirrel.
    I love the bag!

  11. I've said it before and I'll probably say it 600 more times. Your LuLu and my Carson are a match made in heaven! Both middle children and both...eclectic! :) He has always had a hedgehog obsession. I don't know where he came up with that but it's stuck for a good long while now. We're starting to see hedgehog stuff everywhere now, kind of like squirrels. Who knew rodents could be so cute? Great bag!

  12. of course you did. just rigged up a slip cover, just like that. its too cute!
    that is so cool to have that talent.

  13. that is an awesome makeover! i bet she just looooves her new bag and her school friends probably want one too! :)

  14. Might as well start sending off for college material from my alma mater, Mary Baldwin College, in VA (mascot: the SQUIRREL!) I am quite fond of them as well :) The bag is adorable!