Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are people in life that you come across
who simply astound you.
Cathe Holden is one such person.
She is incredibly talented, but more than anything,
when I think of her gifts I think of how generous she is.
Each day she shares darling vintage images,
blog gadgets and brilliant ideas.

I am constantly inspired by her.
To be a better mother,
but most of all a better person.

She was interviewed at
I want to share with you her quote that
has changed and encouraged me today:

"The more I share, the more He gives."

The ways I can apply that simple sentence to my

life are innumerable.

Thank you Cathe.

You are a real life superhero.


  1. She sounds like a neat gal, I'll have to go check out her post. I like the quote.

  2. wow. and there you go! a simple answer to many a predicament.

  3. I love real life super heros. You are one to me. That is just how I feel when I read your blog. And pretty much I read your blog almost every day. Thank you for inspiring me. Helping me to be a better person and mother. And helping me to want to craft more. Serve more. And be more.

  4. I'll have to check out her blog Thanks for the reference. =)

  5. Sweet to recognize such sweet things about her. Sadly, we often neglect to tell others what they mean to us. I know she appreciates it!

  6. I love her stuff too, thanks for sharing. I have a quick question for you, today is my sons very first day of pre-school ever. I am trying to think of something easy and quick to give to the teacher when he arrives, any ideas? Thanks

  7. I love her blog! She is so generous and always has something amazing on it!

  8. Agreed! I think Cathe is just amazing too.

    (I love how we keep running into the same people online!)


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