I am really going to miss summer.
gone are my slow mornings,
waking up to Janey's little noises,
who kindly allows me
to enjoy my coffee as she waits
patiently for her breakfast.
then spending sweet time with her
smiley self before her sisters awake.

bye bye
park days.
beach days.
lake days.
water park days.
play days.
stay in pajamas days.

now my mean alarm will make it's mean noises.
much more annoying and not nearly as cute.

I am not a morning person.
Nor is my little kindergartner.
Tomorrow she is in for a shock.
So am I.

but she has a brand new pair of shoes to get her through it.

I have my lattes.

how many days until school is out again?


  1. Hehe, I know! even the prettiest custom tune becomes annoying when it's your wake-up alarm! Is it a new school 'year' for your kids?
    Our schools (SA) work on a calendar year -- January being the beginning of a new school year. Our Summer holidays are Dec and Jan. (Xmas and New Year)
    And our Spring has just begun! Although today is rather nippy.
    Time flies though, and our little ones grow way too quickly, so ENJOY each moment.

  2. I know it is hard to get back in the grind. We started last week but it is a tad nice to have a little structure to my day.I am living on some serious coffee right now, though. Lots of coffee!

  3. A lovely way to say goodbye to summer, precious capture, like your text! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Tell me about it!!!
    oh how i hate mornings...especially getting up when it's dark.
    i love summer mornings though. i slept more this summer than i have for 15 years. because i finally have all my kids old enough to sleep in or to be self sufficient enough to do their own thing until i wake up. it was sooooo nice.

  5. 290 I started countin down on the first day of school. =P

  6. Precious!!!!!

    My baby is a Junior this year,,,

  7. I went back last week and I still haven't gotten into the swing. My body is still in shock. This is my senior year though! Woohoo! But I'm gonna be a teacher so I'll always have school lol. But I want a rural school because they don't start till 9:30, unlike the city schools which begin at 7:30. Yeah, I'm not a morning person either.

  8. Awww! Love the watermelon pic. =) Summer did speed by very quickly. We didn't even take a family vaca this year. We are waiting til November.

  9. I won't have to do school days until next year... and I already can't believe it.

  10. Awh! Have a great first day of kindergarten, Halley! And enjoy your lattes, mama!

  11. It's over, but I'm pretty happy about the cooler temperatures and the chance to wear a sweater!!