Some people in the world are just too stinking talented.
Ashley of Little Blue Boo is the valedictorian of that class.
There is no end to the many facets of her awesomeness.

When I saw this pattern I wanted it.
But I doubted my ability to sew something so rad and so knit...
How could you not try the cuteness?
I am ever, ever, ever so glad that I did.
It is by far the most well written pattern I have ever tried.
I learned so many new tricks and skills and actually succeeded in making something I never thought I could on my simple sewing machine with my crazy A.D.D.

In fact I made two.
That is just the start.
I rarely make more than one of the same thing...
but I am eyeing Jason's t-shirts when he is not home.
When we move and get everything out of storage you better bet I am raiding his old band shirts to make the girls dresses from their daddy's rockstar past.

But for now, I found some fun touristy Cali shirts
in a rainbow of colors and am bringing a little surf style
to some cute midwestern girlies.

Raid your husband's closet, get out your old sorority tees or hit up a thrift store for some funky randomness.
You will love it and wonder if it was actually you that sewed it.
It is that good.
She even came out with two more gorgeous patterns that I simply cannot wait to get into my sewing machine.



  1. OMGOSH. YOUR DRESSES are ridiculous! Those are the cutest dresses ever! Thank you SOOO much for posting! I love the combinations for the straps too! YOU are so talented!



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  3. They turned out fabulous!! I love Ashley's patterns so much!!

  4. I hope you know what a terrible enabler you are! :p

  5. Love these dresses! I actually have a bit of a funny story about them...

    I am currently an aide in the Kindergarten class at my church's school (we have a PreK-12th grade - I actually graduated from last year). Anyway, last year - I was an aide in the preschool, and in preschool the kids do not wear uniforms (uniforms start in Kindergarten). Well, there was 1 sweet little girl who always wore the CUTEST clothes! And, she actually had a few dresses made from recycled t-shirts (like the one you made) and also some skirts made from recycled t-shirts too. One day, this little girl was wearing one of her "t-shirt dresses" (and her's was a slightly different pattern, the dress was like yours on top, but the bottom was layered strips of the make a ruffle-effect - really cute). Well, we were all sitting on some benches outside waiting for all the mommies to come & pick up their kids at the end of the day...and there was a big gust of wind which lifted up some of the ruffles on her dress - and I saw that under the ruffles the shirt that was used as the "structure" of the dress on the bottom half was a shirt with a half-dresses woman on it! (You know those class-less "beer shirts") I was flabbergasted! I couldn't believe her mom would buy that! So, I jokingly mentioned it to her mom & she had no idea! Let's just say she never wore it again! LOL

  6. Oh...Julie,

    I thought I'd add a cool tutorial I found while "blog-hopping" a while back...

    How to Make a {Cute!} girl's dress out of a man's shirt:

  7. WAY cute! Although I doubt Mason (or his daddy) would appreciate it if I made him one of those...

  8. WOw! Nice work Julie! I can't wait to try the paperdoll dress, but I think i need a daughter first. Micah has been less than obliged to model girl things lately...

  9. I totally agree - Ashley is awesome! Her patterns are the greatest and so easy to follow too!

    I LOVE your dresses! They are so bright and colorful!

  10. So cute! Unfortunately we don't wear many tshirts around here so not much to work with.

  11. I have a friend who has a little girl...I totally might have to try making one for her! :)

  12. Wow, I have made this dress at least 3 times by now and NONE are this cute!!!Those are awesome!!

  13. no way! these are too beautiful!
    I am SO not one of those multi-talented ones.....but I think I'm going to buy a new machine right now! (mine OLD one needs repair AGAIN)
    well done

  14. Those are so cute Julie!!!! Im getting ready to buy the Sienna dress pattern but like you Im TERRIFIED of knit....TERRIFIED! Well see how it goes :)

  15. Tooo cute! I have been wanting to play with tees.

  16. Now I have to get that pattern! Yours are SOOOO cute.

  17. omg, the cuteness of those dresses - love them!

  18. That same pattern sucked me in and I raided the thrift shop box I keep in my laundry room and took back all the cool t-shirts or screen prints I had... I'm making t-shirt dresses out the wazoo and I don't even have a little girl anymore! lol :) I'm sharing them with all my friends who have little girls and they can't believe I didn't buy them somewhere... little do they know. ;)

  19. I must ask you? How do you organize all your "things to do"? Do you just bookmark and do things as you have the time. I'm a new follower and already I've bookmarked soooo many cute tutorials and ideas. Now how to remember to get to them all?? LOVE your blog!