It is May 2007.
I don't sew.
But I heart handmade.
I am peeking through the custom boutique resells on Ebay and
come across a dress made with The. Best. Fabric. Ever.
I am obsessed.
I find out the name.
I google it.
I click on a link.
For a website that I have never heard of.
Within a day I am ordering fabric.
Within a week I am sewing.
Nothing is ever the same.

Because of that one dumb little turquoise bird,
(which is so weird considering I don't even like birds)
and the fabric line that goes out of print as soon as I fall in love with it.
So thank you Urban Chiks.
Your Summer in the City line changed my life.
Now if only I could get my hands on some more for less than a million dollars.
Or go back in a time machine and buy bolts and bolts of it.
For now I will just cuddle my lowly charm pack and try to think of ways I could somehow multiply it.

Even sweet Janey is in on my bird fever.
She rocked her Lassie Girl pinnie and
matching grin today at the DMV.

Yes, I could eat her.
Yes, she is always this happy.

P.S. If you have any of this ridiculous fabric and want to be my best friend forever and ever and ever and ever let me know. Seriously. Best friend. Forever.


  1. Etsy will do that to ya! Enjoy~

  2. Janey is one of the cutest, prettiest little babies I have ever seen. Every picture of her is so delightful! =)

  3. It is 2008. I don't sew. I stumble across some awesome blog by some amazing seamstress. I beg husband for a sewing machine. Christmas comes. I become officially obsessed.

    You were (are) my biggest inspiration.

    ps- can i borrow janey, just for a few days?

  4. lol how cute! I wanted to learn to sew for a long time but it wasn't until someone got me a machine did I become aware of the endless abyss of addiction I would fall into after my first trip to a fabric store.

    I Love it!!

  5. It is 2009.
    I don't sew.
    I can *barely* sew a button.
    I am obsessed with fabric.
    I wish I could sew (like Julie & Heather).
    I already told Kevin I want a sewing machine for Christmas.
    Thanks for the inspiration the past year!

  6. I really wish I had some.

    Just so I could be your bff.


  7. Darn that Etsy! And your girls are just darling!!

    I bet she was the only one smiling at the DMV ;)

  8. I think it's a little funny that for me personally I find fabrics that I like. Dont buy them, then when they are out of print I love them and will pay anything to get them. I to love the birds. I have but a wee collection to of them... so so sad

  9. Janey is just so STINKIN cute!! I can't stand it.
    And I love the she's happy ALL the time.

  10. I could just EAT Janey's cheeks! I love how perfectly round her head is! SO CUTE!

    Etsy is the devil when it comes to that sort of thing. I hate birds too, but that fabric is cute. I also find I'm drawn to metal bird necklaces. Its weird. All of my friends make fun of me for it because they know that I am not a bird fan.

    Ps. That fabric is for you like Heather Ross' fabric is to me. I COVET it.

  11. Etsy and fabric two very dangerous combinations. I don't have any of that fabric but if I did I would give it to you - yep I would - seriously!
    And your kiddos are just too cute!!!

  12. Janey is too cute! I need to borrow her next time I go to the DMV, maybe her smile will make the officer be nicer to me :) Love that fabric and if I any I would give it to ya! Have a happy Tuesday!!
    ~Molly P

  13. oh your chillians are the the dresses you made too..sorry no such fabric here..I must say I love the brown turquoise white one too...very crisp and retro on such a cute little face.:)

  14. Yeah... what Heather and Mel said above... except for I have a tiny little starter sewing machine, fool around with projects here and there, and STILL can't sew. But oh well, I'll look back on my projects one day and laugh, right? Or maybe, just maybe I'll get good enough at it to make the adorable stuff you do!

  15. I love that fabric! It's taking every ounce of self restraint I have not to order the brown and turquoise one!

    My last blog post was about my newest obsession with fabric too. :) Love your blog!

  16. Julie, when is the "Love God. Love others" sign going to debut? I NEED one!

  17. Those are so cute! Will you make one for me in a big girl size? :)

  18. oh me too - I'm with Erin...I wish I had THE fabric just so I could be your bff *grin*

  19. ugh, that janey is dangerous CUTE! seriously.

    I have a ton of those charm packs, and lots of the summer in the city....but, no....i am not giving it up. i can't even cut it, been a few years....nope, still cant cut it. sorry, i feel your pain though!

  20. It is beautiful fabric, definitely! And the baby is just delicious. But I must can you not like birds? Did you watch Hitchcock one too many times?

  21. I am totally lovin that stupid bird!! Like so many others have stated "you" & "crystal" are my stupid birds..although I am not very good at my attempts at craftieness, I do still try and I also plan to keep trying, that counts right?? (mail is coming this week sorry we all came down with sickness, back to school crazieness etc...) I feel terrible but you can relate with the busy-ness too I'm sure.

    have a great day...:x)

  22. i regret that i never learned to sew.....nicely folded stacks of colorful fabric are HEAVENLY. i guess its never too late.....maybe after our babies come home and get adjusted i'll find time.
    but, probably will just keep contributing to YOUR stroller fund. ; )

  23. my sister has that same brown dress that janey has. :)

    i love seeing a big change in someone....and why. it is so cool and inspriational to know that you havent' sewed that long and you are good! love that.
    janey is cute!
    are you going to let me kiss her neck?

  24. It's 2009.
    I don't sew.
    But I *JUST* picked up a Singer my fab friend, Julie found for me on Craigslist.....

  25. Same here!!! You inspired me to start sewing. Love you! (What fabric are you talking about??)

  26. Do you know about spoonflower? They custom print fabric. If you are really keen on getting some out-of-print fabrics, you could recreate them and get spoonflower to print the fabric for you.

    I don't know where copyright stands on this, but you could always make your own inspired designs :)