I love to bake.
I could spend all day in a quiet kitchen,
measuring, mixing, pouring, baking.
Working in the back of Sprinkles?
Dream job.
Working at Heather and Heather's dream bakery?
Super dream job.

Lately, I haven't had much time with the oven.
On top of that, all of my cookbooks are in storage.

So I have been turning to blogs for new recipes.
Some are awesome.

Some are a huge, giant, disastrous failure.

It is as if perhaps a few key steps or ingredients were
omitted from the post.

Like the mother in law who doesn't give
the full recipe to her daughter in law, so
mom's cooking will always be the best.

I had a recipe in my bookmark folder that was
calling out to me. It looked dark and different.
I was up for the challenge.

After buying new ingredients,
measuring, weighing, mixing, pouring, baking,
dreaming and imagining how wonderful it will taste,
then taking that first bite,
gagging, gagging, gagging,
then dumping everything in the trash.
For reals.
This cake was not my friend.
I really, really wanted it to be.
It is friends with so many people.
Who can do no wrong.
It however, had other plans.
I was not invited to the clique.

So I started over with cake mix and this doctoring up.

Thought it would be good with the frosting that was
meant for the thrown in the garbage cake.
Dumped that right on top of the failure.
Gagging, gagging, gagging.
Dark chocolate hot mess.
0% root beer taste.

Decided to make buttercream and
used root beer instead of milk.
It was...
Added root beer gummies on top so at least it looked cute.
Took it to the church picnic.
Did not win a prize.
But perhaps that is what I get for making a new recipe instead
of the trusty Toffee Crack.
(Which, by the way I have been off for a month.

So desperate for some sort of culinary success and in
need of a side dish, I tried this recipe.
My new favorite dip.
I am not even an olive girl.
Sort of hate them actually.
But in this bowl of awesomeness
I love them.
Plus, it is pretty and colorful.
The bowl was scraped clean.
The root beer fiasco was redeemed.

Thanks Marta for saving the day!


  1. I had to throw away a pan of brownies last week.
    I cried.
    And then I made peanut butter cookies (to dull the pain of wasted chocolate).

    I feel your pain, and I want some of that dip!

  2. YAY!!! Thanks for spreading the HAPPINESS and tasty-ness :) I hope everyone enjoys this special treat! PS Hope your move goes SMOOTHLY :) I will be thinking of you and wishing that it is as stress free as possible with three cutie girls running around!

  3. i am so going to make that dip! yum!!!

    okay, i have a super easy dessert dip you HAVE to try. It is BEYOND AMAZING!!! everyone begs me to bring it to parties.


    1 pkg cream cheese softened
    1 stick of butter softened
    1 cup powdered sugar

    1 cup mini chocolate chips
    1 tsp. vanilla

    mix cream cheese and butter. add in powdered sugar and vanilla. mix in choc. chips at the end.

    serve with nabisco honeymaid cinnamon sticks or any type of graham cracker cookie. you will be everyones' new bff. let me know if you try it.


  4. Awww honey, how sad that you can't bake! Kind of funny though. ;-) You're so talented in other areas, I'm sure it makes up for the non-baking skills.

    And isn't Marta the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?! And nice too. That's just not right. Love her.

  5. I didn't really even start learning how to cook until I was about 24 years old, so I've had many disasters in the kitchen. At least you learned from the experience though, right?

  6. LOL you are so funny! What was the root beer kick all about? I love baking too. I just made cupcakes tonight and I made icing out of a package of pudding with only one cup of milk and whipped cream. It was yummy!!

  7. i LOVE to cook, not so good at the baking though, it's the whole measuring and ACTUALLY following directions that does me in! I do however, make some mean toffee crack!! LOVE that stuff, and I make it every year for my little christmas platter of deliciousness (along with my store bought cookie dough cookies!) heh

  8. you're hired!
    we won't put root beer cupcakes on the menu.

  9. I hate when a recipe you've been dreaming about doesn't turn out. This generally happens to me everytime I try to do cake from scratch. Cookies, brownies, bars, bread, etc... all that I can do but I fail at cake EVERYTIME. The dip does look very yummy though!

  10. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Oh my goodness. everything about it is so awesome. the colors, your writing, everything. i want to eat IT, it's so yummy!! love it! thanks for the love on my blog too. ;)

  11. Just re-read, and thanks for the blog love!! Also, is this:

    "Like the mother in law who doesn't give
    the full recipe to her daughter in law, so
    mom's cooking will always be the best."

    my mother-in-law?!?! ; )

  12. I too, hate olives. hmm....But, i will try this dip because I trust you...it better not let me down ;)

  13. Made the Pottery Barn Dip....Loved it....hubby loved it...success :)

  14. Oh I know how you feel!! I just want to throw my laptop away when this happens. I read & re-read the recipe a thousand times on the blog and wonder where I went wrong. When a recipe fails, it ALMOST has me questioning my ability to bake, but then I whip up a batch of incredible homemade cookies and realize that I have a special talent... to include ALL the ingredients when sharing on my blog!! ;-)