This has been my week:

Freaking out.

Fixing things around the house.
Things that we wanted to do during the 6 years we lived here.
Bummed that we didn't do them earlier.

All while Jason was in Mexico building houses with our youth group.

So at the end of my week,
when I was ready to curl up in a corner and quit,
Crystal sent reinforcements.
The best kind.
The kind that can make anything bearable.
The kind that come in a jar.
The kind that involve LOTS of scrumptious chocolate.

I love my blog friends.
You saved the day Crystal.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Yum, yum! If I lived closer I'd be helping you out! Let me know if there's anything I can do from the Bay Area!

  2. *perfect*

    I had to pack and move an entire house once with a 12 month old and while I was newly pregnant (non-stop puking) again. Sheer misery.

    I feel ya!

    You can do it! With the help of God, chocolate and coffee. You can do it.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, we had to move out of our house exactly one week after our daughter was born (5 days after coming home from the hospital). So I'm feeling your pain!

  4. we just moved a week ago. i insisted on packing every.single.box myself because we took the opportunity to purge SO much. i wanted to be able to sort it out myself. i'm very thankful that i did it, but it was quite trying at times with 4 girls ages 5 and under!! =) it took much longer than any other person would i'm sure.....we took LOTS of breaks!

    hang in there....you can do it!! =)

  5. Isn't Crystal so sweet:)
    She's just like you,always thinking of others first.
    One day at a time:)

  6. you forgot "working out"

    good luck with the packing! we had to move on a day where all of us had the flu....it was terrible.

    fyi....i almost bought jillian's "shred" but i felt bad that i had spent so much already....i'll get it next trip ;)

  7. I remember when we made our first big move to AZ. I was a mess. And bummed that I was leaving the house so undone and wishing I had finished all the home projects. A friend reminded me that the house had to stay in CA and it didn't matter what it looked like. The real work that I had done was poured into raising the kids and guess what? they were coming with me :)
    Hang in there and don't worry about the projects so much! and save a few boxes for hubby to pack himself :)

  8. Moving is the pits! I would lend a hand if I could!!!

  9. Looks yummy! Hope you're doing better today. =)

  10. Oh, and I've never had to move in my 18 years of life, and I've always said I didn't want to because of all the packing I'd have to do. So I feel deep sympathy for you. =)

  11. Ugh...I totally feel for you! I had to pack up our house 9mos pregnant for storage and then move into a rental with a 1 mo old and into our bought house again 4 mo later! Not fun! Good luck, and congrats on the new house!!! I'm jealous you are going to have a craft room!!!!

  12. adorable blog! love it death! I am new to blogging. moving is not fun but in the end it's all worth it!! good luck!