Good thing we had a girl.
we thought that we were cool and indie enough to pull of the name
Carson Carson.

When our sweet church secretary found out she cried.
Not because she laughed so hard, but because she was HORRIFIED that anyone would do that to a poor child.

Perhaps our minds have changed after 99.9% of people polled have agreed.
I have a feeling that the .01% that liked the name were just too nice to say otherwise.

So that's the answer to my riddle.
Yes, we are the biggest dorks ever.
But even dorks sometimes think they aren't.

Who won the fun Good Day Shop giveaway?
Click here to see if it is you.

On a side note,
I think I need to get the next size of
clothing out of the attic for miss crop top...


  1. If you're a dork, then I want to be one too.

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  3. I totally understand because I have always loved the name Abby and my last name now is Abby and my husband is still convinced we can do Abby Abby :) So I guess it's good we had a boy first!

  4. That is too funny. I don't think anyone can pull off two of the same names, no matter what they are.

  5. carson was our boy name for camden. even though camden is a boy name. but our last name isn't carson. or camden. confused?

  6. I went to school with a Joseph Joseph Joseph. But it gets better. He was a third! Joseph Joseph Joseph III I completely forgot to comment for the giveaway... boo. :( But now you know about J3. :)

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  8. Lo did not delete her comment because she did not want to comment but because she commented the wrong thing on the wrong post. I think you are a goof ball Julie, LOL J/K I think it would have been totally cool and unique. Its not like Carson is some far off wacky crazy name so you would have been ok ;)

  9. my favorite teacher's name was Teri Terry. We always called her that too. It didn't start out that way so watch out for who your daughters get married to.

  10. I must be the biggest dork then too, because I think it's super cool! But, that's coming from someone who almost named their child Brayden Bruin Bittel just so he could never get accepted to USC :)

  11. AM I the only dork that can't find the winner posted?

  12. My brother in law came very close to being
    "Scotty Wayne Wainscott" !!! oh and I went to High School with a kid named "Alonso Alonso Alonso. He was the 5th or 6th kid and his dad was tired of coming up with names!!!!

  13. i LOVE it. carson carson. or even carly carson. it's too funny :) count me in as part of the .01% !