I wish my curly hair was funny and charming.
It's not.
It used to be amazing.

But, as with most curly girls, I wanted straight hair.
Straight blonde hair.
Thus began my long, damaging, obsessive
relationship with bleach and my flat iron.

But, late at night I have been lured
into the world of the InStyler.

Don't you just love infomercials?

My favorite parts are always when the person is using
the old product, the screen is black and white, and they
get insanely frustrated over the simplest things.

It would be as if I stand in my bathroom, in black and white,
trying desperately to properly use my flat iron.

But sadly it is much too difficult for me.

So I make a really mad face, turn to the camera
and the voice over man says...

"You need an InStyler!!!"

I don't need an InStyler.
Luckily I have mastered my flat iron.
But if any of you do, they are running a
buy one get one free special.
(why would you need two I wonder...)
So, if you happen to have no clue
what to do with the free one,
I'd be happy to take it off of your hands.
I'm here to help.
You don't want me to live angry,
frizzy and in black and white do you?


  1. LOL Julie. I too suffer from ugly used-to-be-pretty curly hair. With every kid it got worse and worse and now it is a big pile of frizz.
    For what its worth my sister has one of those crazy straighteners and my hair got so stuck in it. We had to turn it off, wait until it cooled, then spent a good half hour untangling me :( I will gladly stick to my CHI for now on :)

    OH and before it got stuck it did not do a good job at getting the pony tail crease out.

  2. i have frizzy hair. frizzy must be tamed everyday.

  3. Thanks for the link! I regretted not buying one when I saw the infomercial a few months back - I don't have curly hair, but it's fine and doesn't have much body to it. My daughter on the other hand has the tightest curls - any suggestions for hair care products would be greatly appreciated! She's almost 3 and everyone says she looks like Shirley Temple. I want her to love her curls - how do I help her do that?

  4. I totally saw that on tv but thought my hair would get all tangled in it and then it would really be ugly. Mine is curly too, but not on the ends, so it looks like limp ugly waves that only curl in certain spots, not straight enough to be straight not curly enough to be curly. Bummer. I have CHI flat iron, it's craz expensive but it works really well.

  5. LOL!!! I gave-up trying to straighten my hair!! but, if I change my mind I'll be sure and share the extra one! :)

  6. That Instyler is ridiculously expensive!! No thanks :P

  7. I'm afraid of a hair appliance that rotates, twirls, or does other acrobatic tricks. Sounds painful. I can never get the hang of a flat iron, so I straighten my frizz with a HUGE round brush and my blowdryer.

  8. I'm so the opposite. I have limp, boring old straight hair. I have always longed for pretty curly hair even frizzy curly hair. Anything but straight!

  9. Ha!

    I promise I'm not copying you, but I just took pictures of a kid of mine wearing a curly wig like that.

    And then my husband and I stayed up until 2 this morning taking turns wearing the 'fro wig while singing karaoke. For real...

  10. Embrace the curls! I have a head full of naturally curly hair. It takes forever to brush out (I usually do it when I still have conditioner in it) and is not my friend when it’s humid outside but all in all I have made peace with it. Its super east to throw up in a pony, or put a few bobby pins in. I know ladies with straight hair that spend 30min alone just fixing their hair in the morning. It just takes me a few min or less. Who else can have beautiful curls or straight hair if they choose…..not many people, but us curly haired gals can! I use to fight it. oh man I have some bad pictures of me trying to deny my curls b4 straighters were in, but now I know it’s here to stay!

    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training

  11. Ok... I think I've told you this before, but I LOVE my InStyler! My brother-in-law bought my sis-in-law one for a gift and had the idea to give me the free one for Christmas. I had never heard of it, but can't imagine my hair without it now! My neighbor (who is a hairdresser) straightened my hair one time and it took her 40 minutes. I can do it myself with the InStyler in 10 minutes. Seriously. I've actually thought about buying another "extra" one b/c I don't know what I would do if mine broke! I highly recommend it! :)

  12. LOL you are too funny!!! When I was little I had straight blonde hair and wanted curly black hair!! I wanted to be like Elizabeth Taylor for some reason. I wanted hair JUST like that wig in your pic!

    My white-blonde hair has naturally gone darker over the years and I have experimented with dyes and highlights. I have never gone black but have, ironically, gone blonder. I guess I grew up to realize, that blondes really do have more fun HAHA!

    Maybe...the B1G1 free thing, would make a good Christmas gift for a friend....OR maybe the product is not good quality and the first one is gonna break and you'll need a second one.....hmmm

  13. I have been watching this infommercial too...lol I was wondering if anyone was going to buy it and try it out. It just looks so easy on tv.

  14. You crack me up!! My hair is only a little bit wavy, and I've also mastered my flat iron, but I've been tempted once or twice by the InStyler, I'm afraid to say. I get so hooked on infomercials! MY favorite is for the Magic Bullet where you can make a whole party's worth of food in just minutes! LOL!

    Cute picture, too!

  15. You should go in with one of the girls who also want one. Half the price and then you each have one. Sorry, i can't help you. I have limp, straight as a stick hair! And yes, I would love curl!