Stephanie needs to give a big giant kiss to Mr.
I am off to Sonic to celebrate your win.
Cranberry Lime slush.  Thank you very much!
Is it true you can buy their ice???
That is just about the best news ever!
The drive thru workers are about to become 
familiar with a certain grey minivan.

Thanks Erin for the amazing giveaway.
My inbox is still recovering from all of the comments.
If you didn't win, console yourself with a treat from her shop.
It will make everything better.
Then go to Sonic.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe it. Thanks so much. Now I am going to shop...... I really appreciate it. And you should really try the mango limeade..... And yes, we buy the ice for all our get-togethers!

  2. Oh and my daughter LOVES her pink dress with the N on it that we ordered! She actually wore it to the zoo yesterday. :)

  3. CONGRATS Stephanie!!! Lucky Girl!! I am SO jealous, I was so close...I was 179. ahhhhh. And you need to stop talking about Sonic, we dont have one here in Nor Cal. I CRAVE their ice, it is the BEST. Off to go buy something at her shop to make myself feel better :)

  4. Thanks for sharing another great etsy seller with us. Have already ordered one a sweet little spoon for a shower gift and can't wait to see it. How fun would it be to have one for everyone in the family!

  5. Yep, you can buy a bag of their ice, it is fabulous! I ate it all the time when I was pregnant.

    I meant to leave you a comment on the giveaway but totally forgot. You should order an Orange cool breeze, they don't advertise it anymore but they still make it here. It is sprite with orange and cherry syrup and pineapple in the bottom. It is awesome, but I don't know since they are new if they will know how to make it. It is worth a shot.

  6. They do cranberry lime????? Grrr...... Looks like a 45 minute drive to Sonic tomorrow.

  7. Love, love, love that picture! Your daughters are so gorgeous - what little dolls!

  8. Cranberry Lime is MY drink... and I drive a grey van! Hmmm *LOL* how funny!