I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that 
I was packing Halley's backpack and getting her 
uniform ready for the first day of school.

Now I am putting away the backpack and her outgrown uniforms.  
How can the school year already be over?
Now she is a few inches taller, 
has a bunch of new friends
and is beginning to read.  
I am simply amazed at how quickly life speeds by. 
It is my hope and plan this summer to enjoy having them home each day.

The messes, the chaos, the fighting, the love, the laughter, the snuggles.

I know many of the days will be crazy.
I will be a little crazy.  
But I am embracing the crazy, 
because I know all too well that I will miss it someday.

I just listed some fun new Pretty. Messy. flowers in the shop.
Perfect for the All-American days of summer.
Something about the look of frayed denim always makes me smile.
What summer picnic would be complete without a bandana?
You can find these and a bunch more in the shop.

Happy Summer!
Embrace the crazy.


  1. Ohmygoodness! She is such a doll!!!

    Love those messy flowers. They're so YOU. Ha!

  2. Trying my very best to embrace the craziness. She is so darn adorable. And cute new flowers!! I will be seeing bandanas in my sleep come this weekend when I start the new project. ;)

  3. i love the 'betsy'. that's one of my babe's name!

  4. She's so cute! Those flowers are adorable!

  5. Awww...look how CUTE Halley is!! Doesn't the time fly? I remember when it used to stand still and now I can't seem to slow it down...perspective!

    Love your new creations! So fun and summery! FABULOUS!

  6. Your daughter is precious! We've been out for almost 3 weeks now and getting "used to" summer time craziness :)

    Love the messy flowers too. They are ALL fabulous :)

  7. I totally embrace the crazy everyday!!! Loving your new creations!

  8. She is such a cutie!!! (And are those the blue, sparkly converse? My little one loves them but they don't have them small enough!) I hope you and your sweet girls enjoy summer vacation!

    (And how cute is Betsey for the 4th?!)

  9. I have been trying to embrace the crazy for a few weeks now, as my kids got out the first Thursday of June. I love it some days, and I need a break some days! lol ;) Have an awesome summer!

    LOVE the jean flower!

  10. yes, embrace the "crazy's" that's what I'll call my kiddos from now on ;)