Nearly ten years ago God entrusted me with the responsibility
of mentoring a group of 7th grade girls.

We were new to the church and I was just trying to figure out 
what being a youth pastor's wife was all about.
But every week during the six years we met together, 
I learned from them much more than I ever taught.

We camped.
We rock climbed.
We learned how to surf.
We water skied.
We built houses in Mexico.

We laughed.
We cried.

I was there for their many broken hearts.
They were there for mine when we lost Joy.

I was there to rejoice with them.
They were at the Hospital when Halley was born.

I have watched them grow,
become wives,
live out their dreams,
follow God's calling on their lives.

A little reunion was in order.

So last night we all crammed in my van and 
headed to one of our favorite places, Sonic.

The 45 minute wait flew by.
I have never enjoyed sitting in my car waiting more.

The meal, the slushes, five conversations at once.

My van dying as we were ready to leave.

The tow truck man coming to rescue us.

Because I was with my girls.
The ones that God has used to make me who I am today.


  1. awww! what an awesome experience to have over the years!

  2. What a special thing to have. I teach a children's Sunday School class, and we just promoted our first class out. We had them for 2 years, and it seems so wierd not to have them in class anymore. I hope I get to watch them grow up.

  3. What a great way to look at that relationship! Lucky girls.

  4. That's so awesome that you were able to catch up like that! I just went to my babysitter's graduation and her kindergarten teacher was there. You should have seen all the kids that went flying to that teacher to give her hugs! You have had that impact too! What a fun get together!

  5. that is so fun. I led a small group of 6th graders in our youth group starting in 2001 until they graduated high school last year. We are doing a mini reunion later on this summer at the bagel shop we always went to. I think it is so amazing how God uses these students to impact our lives (or more) than we do to theirs. So glad you got to reconnect & that you had quite the adventure while doing it...(sounds like a classic youth group it!!!)

  6. Oh I could tell stories like that after our 9 years in youth ministry. One of my girls is getting married August 1. She was the second girl I ever mentored at age 21. I loved being a yp's wife. Hubby has been an executive pastor for two years now and it has its fun too. But the students definitely keep you young don't they? I felt like I aged 10 years when we stepped out a year and a half ago. Did I tell you my hubby was a yp in Modesto for 3 years?

  7. I loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. now i love you even more.
    girls need women like you.

  9. Meg took the words right out of my mouth! Those girls were so blessed to have you as their youth leader! They will cherish all those memories forever and maybe someday their children will have someone just like you!

  10. for me, this is the BEST part of youth ministry... living life with the students God places in our path. i am getting ready to be with one of my girls as she has her third baby. what a blessing she is to me.

  11. Love love love this blog entry!! Isn't it amazing how fast time goes by? Some of our first students just graduated from high school...funny how I feel close to the same as I did when they were in 8th grade and here they are ready to head to college!! :) I wish everyone I knew would read it and get involved somehow...can you imagine how great that would be? (& how great it would be for your hubby??) What an incredible impact & example (yet again)...thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Ah...Life ~
    Together, we share happy moments;
    Apart, we share joyful memories;
    Reunion, we give one another a great big hug!


  13. I love this. I am also a youth pastor's wife and it is so fun and encouraging to see our kids after they have "left" us to move on to college, etc. Good for you for building such a life lasting relationship with the girls. I'm sure they value you more than you'll ever realize.

  14. Lucky girls! Lucky you! Great God we serve...He has the best plans...ever!, including who meet and whose lives we touch!
    What a fun night!
    Many Blessings!

  15. Sounds like a fun night! How awesome that you have been there for each other through so much. They are truly YOUR GIRLS!

  16. Total goosebumps ... what a great experience to share together.

  17. Loved this post . . .my husband has been a youth pastor for 10plus years and I have those "girls" in my life too!! Amazing to watch them grow up and to know that in many ways they've watched me "grow up"!

  18. What an amazing testimony to His love. I'm sure those girls (and you) have been extraordinarily blessed. I have felt God calling me to minister to our teens as well...what a wonderful, eternal way to spend your time. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Oh my gosh!!! Julie, I am JUST seeing this - How sweet and special for you to share the good ol' days!! I can honestly say those years were the best "shapers" of my faith and without you at the helm, none of us would have been able to navigate those crazy years quite as well :) THANK YOU for your selfless service and support - LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :)