So, I can't keep up with Facebook.

But, I am really into Twitter.
It is fabulous for my A.D.D. 
It is like mini-blogging from my phone all through the day.
The silly randomness that wouldn't constitute a post,
but makes fabulous tweets.

Almost like I am texting.
(which I love!)
Secretly I'm a teenager.

Or perhaps it is

So, if you want to see what my chaotic brain thinks about all day,
click here or on my fab Twitter badge.
(Like it?  You can find your own here.)

If you find I am tweeting from Target,
don't come and burgle my house.
You can come clean my house.
Or fix drywall.
Or plumbing.
Or leave me piles of 100 dollar bills.
Just no burgling.

(I didn't even think that burgle was a word.
Spellcheck cleared it.  Burgling too.  Who knew?
Dare you to use it in a sentence today!)


  1. "When my children are asleep I find myself burgling the Easter candy that is supposed to go into their baskets tomorrow."

    And I think Twitter is WAY better than Facebook, too! =)


  2. i heard that word on some show last week and he kept saying it in an english accent. so i knew it was a word but only from that....probably overheard a hannah montana show or something.

    i can't do facebook.
    i don't think i could do twitter either....
    i feel old to say that but for right now i guess i am.
    someday when i learn how to text....then maybe? :)

  3. Yes to all of this!!

    I still feel way too old for Facebook. I try to update it once a day or so because people keep telling me it would be good for my business. ?? But I'm lost there.

    Twitter, though - I get it! And I love it.

    Lurrrrvvv Twitter!

    I'm seriously thinking of getting a tshirt made that says @PamperingBeki on the front.

  4. You are hilarious!

    I don't twitter (or blog for that matter) and am a marginal FB-er (love seeing pics of friends kids). You should be like my brother and have your twitter tweets automatically update your FB status. Haha- I'm always asking him to decipher his status...but love that I can stay connected with him, even one sentence at a time. I'll have to check it out...