Do you like Peeps?
I think the are adorable but not really edible.
As a treat, no thank you.  
On a onesie, yes please.
I used a Peeps coloring page, resized it and then appliqued it on a tiny onesie for Janey.
Now she can match her sisters. All that is missing is a bitty skirt or tutu.

I will add it to my long list for the week...
(Which includes getting ready to have 50 people over for Easter.
Yep. 50. Or more. Sweet.)

Second thought,a pair of jeans might be all she needs to complete the cuteness.

Thanks to all of you who entered my super bratty giveaway.
You are now my peeps.
The placemat pillow is heading over to the home of
whose blog is chock full of tutorials, ideas, inspiration
and something we all love...


  1. Love the *peep* on the onesie!! Love it!!!

  2. That's adorable!

    I'm not a fan of eating them either.

  3. So cute-they are gross, but not in onesie form. I love to do that for appliques-I have all kinds of coloring pages bookmarked for future projects :)

  4. Cute idea. I am so gonna make this TODAY!

  5. That is just too wonderous, I love that "peepy onesie". Agree that the real Peeps are not so great, but cute nonetheless.

  6. Adorable! I think my girls need these for their Easter parties at school! Thanks for the idea!

  7. Adorable! I think my girls need these for their Easter parties at school! Thanks for the idea!

  8. Love the onesie - but can't stand Peeps@

  9. OH my! This is so adorable! May I borrow this idea for my 10 month old? I came across your blog last night and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning reading every single post since you started. LOVE IT!

  10. The Peep onesie is to die for! Yep-the peep candy are gross. Although they're a perfect Easter decoration!

  11. I guess I am the minority-because I love Peeps! I also LOVE this applique and am so excited to make it! I am so linking you!

  12. did you use a monogram machine or is the applique on with a regular sewing machine stitch?

  13. What a darling idea! I'd love to share a link to this tutorial on on March 23!

    I LOVE eating peeps! :)