I am generally pretty simple.
But once in a while the sneaky inner snob in me will appear
Fabric snob? Check.
Clothing snob?  Nope.  I stalk clearance racks.
Coffee snob.  Check.
Car snob?  Nope.  I heart my minivan.
Font snob.  Check.
I love fonts.
I study fonts.
I know the names of way too many fonts.
I am a total font dork.
Some really, really bug me.
Some make me really, really happy.

So now that I know how to do like two things in Photoshop, 
I am having a blast slapping fonts on my pictures.  
This one is called Honey Script.  Don't you just love it?

Do you have any favorites you are willing to share with me?
Any ones make you crazy?

I need to go take a picture of my old neighborhood. 
(The one with Tamra.)
The sign is Comic Sans.
English country cottages with Comic Sans?
See, told you I was a snob!


  1. I totally feel your comic sans pain. I recently emailed a speaker at a marriage conference I attended to chastise him for the use of Comic Sans in his presentation that totally distracted me from actually listening to what he was saying. By the way I heart your blog. I found you through the Cora thing. You inspire me every day!!!

  2. I am also a font lover.

    I am not a fan of brush script. Ew.

    LT Chickenhawk is one of my favorites... at the moment :)

  3. I could have written this post!!! I am also a font snob..BIG TIME. I have a little side business of making birth announcements & invitations,etc. and sometimes I spend over an hour trying out different fonts. It is a sickness, really. Honey Script is a nice one, good choice :)
    2 of my favorites right now are Tangerine and DJ Fancy.
    I am embarrassed to admit how many fonts I have downloaded...it is over the top!
    P.S. I agree..Comic Sans & Brush Script are both nasty & I will never use them. EVER. One of the fonts I despise is Balloon.

  4. Comic Sans should be removed from the earth! :) I LOVE Jump Start from dafonts! It makes great titles! Scriptina is great for wedding type stuff! fontgarden.com is also another fun website to get great fonts!

  5. I am also picky about fonts ... of course not everyone loves the ones I do.

    Right now I am so in love with one called Henparty .. LOVE IT!!!! I also love one called MaSexy ... cute script!

    I used to LOVE Curlz, but now I HATE IT!!!!

    I love a traditional script for monograms :)

  6. OHH!! This is fun! I LOVE fonts too! I don't have any fabulous ones that I use all the time...though I have a whole stash downloaded!

    2Peas...Fiddle Sticks
    I also like JoeHand2, Journal and Pea Weenie!

    Have fun checking 'em out!

  7. I can be snobby, but aparently I'm not a font snob as Comic Sans is one of my all time favorites ever, ever, ever! OOPPS! My blog is a clear indication of my lack of graphic skills! BTW, I do love the Honey Script, but It's clear my opinion doesn't count in the font department! :)

  8. Ooooh I so LOVE fonts too. I can't wait to check out some of the websites mentioned here. Woohoo! Great picture & font BTW. I'm still learning Photoshop myself.

  9. I do love fonts, one of my favorites right now are the handwriting fonts that can be downloaded at Fonts for Peas for free! As a bonus, you can submit your handwriting and it may be converted to a font.

    I do a lot of executive business communications to unfortunately my font choices are limited - if I am feeling wild I will use the Calibri font, otherwise it is plain ol' Arial.

  10. I LOVE some wonderful fonts myself. So, dont worry, you aren't the only font snob!! What I can't stand is that you cant change the font that you blog with. Well, maybe you cant but i'm not a computer wizard! My fav right now is LOVE LETTERS! It's so cute and fun. I just wish I could actually write that way!!

  11. Ditto PP who said comic sans should be wiped off the earth!! My current favs are Satisfaction, Will&Grace, Youe are Loved, 2Peas Typo, 2Peas Mister Giggles, AL Charisma, & AL Serenade. I LOVE fonts!!!

  12. I'm also a font snob, so your not alone!! :)
    I actually found a VERY FUNNY video that is about font's if you want to watch it here it the link, it's not very long. I find it seriously F.U.N.N.Y.!


    I love font's for peas just go to


    There's noting like a little font enabling to start your day. :)


  13. Don't destroy Comic Sans forever... primary teachers really like it. It's one of the few that make the lowercase "a" the way that we teach the kids to write it. I use it a lot in my classroom!

  14. I've already seen a lot of great fonts mentioned in these comments. (And some that I don't recognize and wish I had the time to look up right now!!! But I don't!!!)

    And the video Rachel mentioned in hilarious!

    Anyway, my addition to the list is bearerFond, a handdrawn-looking outline font with serifs.

    And my current favorite font site (well, other than all the "handwritten" goodies at kevinandamanda.com) is abstractfonts.com.

  15. I love that you are so willing to admit to all of us that you are a font-snob...it's big of you!
    I have a teacher's font kit - and I love the letters that have the handwriting type paper behind them...the kind with the dotted line in the middle.
    I wish I had photo shop to play with!

  16. i am with you.

    there is a carwash nearby and it has this drippy looking font....that is supposed to look like water i assume since it's a carwash. but instead it looks like blood...like any scary font that would be on a horror movie sign. seriously.

    my favorite is typewriter.
    i'm simple.

    and i like this one you have here.

  17. Honey Script is one of the best fonts ever made- I love using it in designs. It is cute and still easy to read. My very LEAST favorite font ever is Curlz. Ewwww. Don't like it, and never have. Times New Roman is also pretty terrible. A good alternative is Garamond, Georgia, or Trebuchet.

    You should download CAC Pinafore- it is quite adorable.

  18. Yummy...I love a good font!

    Current faves:
    handwriting - Harrison
    just for fun - Girls Are Weird

    I really dislike any stencil fonts and courier is just (ew).

  19. Oh I love fonts and have a ton also - so many I forget about some! I'm probably tired of comic sans cause I was a former teacher myself. I love this site!

  20. penny lane -- i love CAC pinafore too. that's what I was using to watermark my blog photos til I got my handwriting turned into a font at yourfonts.com. So now I use my own. : )

    (Note: yourfonts.com really was super fast and easy. But I did end up tweaking the font they created because there was a little too much space between the letters to look like my handwriting. Apart from that, I HIGHLY recommend the site!)

  21. Check out www.KevinandAmanda.com. She has some great ones and they are free. :)

  22. Ha, it is okay to be a font snob, I am a self professed BLOG snob, I only read sassy ones like yours... Thanks for being a good read with all your tips and fun stuff...

  23. Julie- You REALLY struck a cord out here! I LOVE it :). I've always hated that sign, I'll snap a picture of it for you on Easter. Off to go download all of these suggestions....

  24. I'm obsessed with fonts as well! You've got to check out this "Font Conference" video on YouTube...it is hilarious! Here's the link....



  25. I hate Comic Sans.
    I hate Times New Roman. And to add insult to injury it is the required font (size twelve, double space) for school.

    I do however, love Georgia and any font that looks like someone wrote it themselves.

  26. Hey! I'm late in reading this post as I'm a newer follower and am still playing catch up. You should check out www.fontgarden.com if you like handwritten fonts. They have lots of those....and also over 1500 free others for download. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Honey Script and use it in designs a lot.