None of this randomness is a post all in itself, 
so I am making a blog stew of sorts.

Tori Spelling's childhood home is for sale.
It's listed at only $150 million.
Among the 123 rooms...
there is a flower cutting room.
I'm serious.
I wonder if that is where they prune the money trees.

My Rebel is misbehaving and needs a visit to the camera shop
(sniff, sniff)
so I am left to take pics with my iPhone.
Which by the way, is amazing.

I love you Apple.

I was super temped by these cupcake cuties at Target while shopping for Spring sandals.

But the practical side of me settled on this rainbow version.
Cute and matches pretty much every outfit. 
Sorry cupcakes.

Sorting socks has been a less than fun chore lately.
The girls have similar sizes and so many random types.
So I packed up ALL of their socks, gave them away and started from scratch.
I bought each girl got two packs of these socks.
Now I instantly I know whose is whose.
Not as fun, but my time is precious and the laundry load is vast.

These evil morsels could single handedly derail my-no-sugar-during-Lent mission.
Evil, evil, evil.

That is all.
Peace out.


  1. As odd as it may sound to most people, I'd never want to live in a house that big, not even CLOSE.

    Cute girl!

    I have been tempted by some Target girls shoes too, but didn't get them.

    I have a boy and a girl and still have sock troubles. Mine are a bit different. I keep ending up with missing socks and the brands I buy either fuzz out, shrink or wear thin all too quickly.

    My weekness has been the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Eggs, the large ones. It hasn't been pretty. At all.

  2. Julie, did you know that those little cadbury eggs are the #1 reason why I look forward to easter? They say it only comes out during easter time but last christmas, they came out with the red and green version. Yep - had to get those too. I swear I still have some leftover from the 90% off after Christmas sale from CVS that I horded!

  3. Can I just say that Cadbury mini eggs are the BOMB... Of course you have to eat them one at a time, carefully cracking the shell off while in your mouth and then let the smooth yummy chocolate melt in your mouth... My hubby however pops a whole bunch in his mouth and crunches away... It's wrong I tell ya, just wrong!

  4. Ummm, really, were we separated at birth or something??

    I've been without my Nikon since 2/15 and am using my iPhone. It's definitely a great substitute, but I miss my SLR something fierce!

    I just bought the cutest Target shoes for Avery because I couldn't resist and I'm weak like that.

    And, speaking of weak, those Cadbury eggs will be the death of me. I am sure.

    Let's check our family trees just to be sure....


  5. Really Cute Shoes. I love Candbury Eggs...LOVE THEM. Your iphone takes great pics...Super Cute girl.

  6. LOVE Cadbury Mini Eggs! Love those sandals!!! I can't believe the quality of the pics taken from your i-phone, that's amazing. Can you imagine? Yeah, that was just my childhood home... it had 123 rooms... What?!?!?!

  7. I feel better knowing that I am not the only person who lost the no sugar for Lent battle. The sad thing is that my 10yo has not cheated once on her no candy promise

  8. Those cute sandals make me want to have kids pronto... uh oh. And your daughter's curly hair is adorable!

    I'm glad you get Cadbury's over there! I got a plastic chicken with a pack one Easter as a kid, where you put the egg in its mouth, push the head down and -voila- it lays the egg - highlight of my year!

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have started appearing in shops over here... I spy my own downfall!

  9. you are so good!! i had the same conversation w/ myself in target & came home with the "cupcake cuties!" i know, i'm weak. i couldn't stand it. they're SO cute!! LOVE your blog!! i visit you daily :) xoxo

  10. oh you tooo????!!!! that pretty purple bag of sugary goodness tries to lure me in EVERYTIME i'm in target... or any store for that matter that carries them. i literally have to stop & pray to keep my go-go gadget arm from grabbing them & eating the whole bag!! but rest assured i will be treating myself to a bag once easter arrives. i think that will make them that much more enjoyable having abstained all through lent!!

    happy sunday!

  11. i love those those cup cake shoes!!!! i think we will have to have those!!!