Get it?
Beauty and the Beast.

(Because it is impossible for me to do a post without a picture.)

I have a confession...
I love to post everyday, 
but lately most of my time is spent 
nursing Janey,
changing diapers,
cleaning up messes,
and other assorted non-blogworthy tasks.

The ever so charming life of a mom.

So I have a little request.
Would you like to perhaps be a guest blogger here for a day?
Do you have a post that you would love to share?
Maybe your blog needs some new friends?

Dig into your archives and pick your favorite post.


I would really love to read it 
and I am pretty sure others would too!

I will choose a bunch of my favorites and feature them here
on days when I need a little extra help and inspiration.

Thanks for your super spectacular awesomeness!

Add it here to Mr. Linky like this:

Your Name:  The title of your post (Your name or your blog's name)
Example: Why I'm so awesome. (Jane Doe's Awesome Awesomeness)

Your URL: The URL addy of the actual post, not your whole blog.
(Make sure you copied the right URL!!! 
I would hate to miss what you are sharing!)


  1. Silly Me ... I did it wrong .. so #1 & #2 are me .... Priceless is the name of my post!! :)

  2. I linked up one of my all time favorites. It makes me laugh and I wrote it! LOL! It is older, but still fun!

  3. I thought I'd share a fun recipe!

  4. I linked up a crafty fun little project I did for birthday gifts. This is too much fun! Thanks! I can't wait to check out the other peeps who linked up too! ;D

  5. Such a great idea! I need to do this also... with 6-7 kids here during the day all I have is NAP TIME! I feel your pain (wonderful, blessed, pain I must add!).

  6. This is so much fun.

    I shared a cute video that I recently published on our family's site and our latest tip over on our "Real Life Scraps" site.

    Looking forward to reading your guest posts.

    Jamie ~ Alabama

  7. I shared a link to a blog post I wrote upon my twins' first birthdays. My husband and I have two other girls ... making for four kids under the age of 2.5 when our twins were born (crazy, yes, I know). Needless to say we've got LOTS to share.

    I've become a regular reader of your blog, but have yet to comment until today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and thoughts with a stranger in Ohio.

  8. Is it illegal to post a second?! I just posted a blog today and it's the MOST REQUESTED recipe I have ever experienced...POTTERY BARN DIP! I am sure lots of your fans would love for you to pass it on to them from me from someone I stole it from! :) Let me know!

  9. Julie I'd love to host but I don't have a specific post in mind....from my personal blog or my 30days. If you want anything- feel free!

  10. I linked to one of my most recent favorite posts. :)

  11. I linked one of mine from a few months ago that still makes me laugh.
    Fun idea!

  12. Ok, I never heard back so I hope I not illegal... but I linked another one...the one I posted today called "Once It Hits Your Lips..." The BEST recipe EVER!! Enjoy!

  13. Jeez Julie,
    How would I pick just one?!?!? Just kidding!! I have to say I was so surprised when I scrolled down and saw a post you had taken from one of my Fall ones. So speechless, or rather, I squealed. Just ask Jen, of Lipstick and Laundry!! Anyway, I will have to double check mine and see if they are Joy's Hope worthy.
    Heart you,

  14. This is my Favorite post...because I have never added trim to a plain dress before..I am not a pro like you girl...but I have to say you have totally inspired me to attept those oh so intimadating!! This was actually really easy, NOT PERFECT but it looks amazing I might say!! Thanks so much for YOUR inspiration...I love your creativeness!!

    Love Nicole Patino

  15. Hey Julie, I linked to my nursing shirt liner post. It's not fancy but seems pretty helpful. Most of my mom friends are now sporting them! So much cheaper to buy a package of undershirts than a whole slew of actual nursing shirts! :o)

  16. ohh how neat! this will give me a good reason to go through my blog and see how far its come! hehe big mermaid hugs


  17. I seriously love reading your blog. I know I don't know you, but we seem to be at similar stages of life and you are just so real. Thank you for posting all the time. You keep my sanity up!! :)

  18. Hello. I just posted on your list. Opps, I put my name, wish I would have put SoSoBella Designs.
    Anyhoo. I am getting ready to post on my daughters birthday party coming up. Should be fun. Rock Star style. 13 little 5 year olds rock'n out.
    I have my older daughters birthday on there as well. It may give some Moms some fun ideas.
    Have a great day Julie
    Your blog rocks!

  19. I'm a military wife and just recently started up my new business, queen b. I started by making a couple of onesies and burp cloths for my new nephew, and its turned into a fun new world for me! It's a great business for our military lifestyle, as we move every few months while my husband is in flight school. I would love to get the word out and share my business with your loyal readers. Please :) Thanks!

  20. I have shared a post of my daughter and I playing a game new game. I love her little sad voice and what a mean mommy (you can hear me laughing in the background). What a fun idea, enjoy!

  21. I linked up my first (!) attempt at applique (and covering up a pesky hole in a pair of jeans). Thanks for the opportunity to share and, hopefully, make a few more friends! Off to check out others who have posted links. :)

  22. Here is a tutorial I did on homemade jam last week: