Now glory be to God! By his mighty 
power at work within us, he is able to 
accomplish infinitely more than we 
would ever dare to ask or hope. 
Ephesians 3:20

I try to live my life by this verse.
Knowing that all good in me is from the Lord.

What started as a small idea has grown
exponentially bigger than I could 
have ever dared to ask or hope.

But now I need your help.

I am not an organizer, so I am using this term loosely.
But it is my hearts desire organize a grand group of 
crafty Etsyians in listing items to benefit Cora's Playground.

Pray about how God can use you in this.
Absolutely anything.  Big or little.  

Just click the "Write Me" tab on my sidebar.

Let's see what the Lord can do to use us in 
honoring sweet Cora Paige.


  1. I just emailed you! It is so very thoughtful of you to want to do this :)

  2. Cora is sooo stink`n cute! My heart breaks! :(

  3. oh good!! I made some stuff last night.... I was going to ask you if we could do something like this:) I am going to email you now!!! Thanks!


  4. hi! i've just listed a Cora Paige tee in my etsy shop. i'll be posting on my blog as soon as i get back from getting the kids at school! xo

  5. I'm in! I have been working on my "Cora's Playground" tees since I read your post and ordered my headband the other night. I'll send you a note when my listings are up on Etsy. God bless, Sally

  6. I sent you an email and would like to participate as well.
    What a wonderful idea!!!

  7. I can't seem to get to your email, I would like to donate something to this shop , how would you do it , email me I really want to get on board .
    Would we just send you a photo of an item to list and then send it from our location to the buyer?

  8. I was thinking about how wonderful this is...

    I would like to set up some tote bags just for Cora :)

    Thanks for going beyond yourself. You say your not organized, but God is working through you!

  9. I am doing fuschia tutus!! Emailed you and I'll get up the listing tomorrow!!

  10. Are you looking for items to be donated from my etsy shop? Thanks!!

  11. I am loving this idea and already ordered my headband! I am going to work on some Cora items today and will email you. This is a great way to come together after such an AWFUL situation.

  12. Thank you for doing this.

    I just listed a Cora item in my shop.

  13. Hi Julie,
    I purchased one of your headbands yesterday. What a wonderful, thoughtful idea! I, too, would like to include some items in my shop for the Cora Playground - could you email me and let me know what I need to do to participate? Thank you!

  14. I just blogged about Cora's Playground. This is so awesome!