There are so many tags that I have been meaning to get to, but have been too lazy.
Alexandra however tagged me with a really easy one and instead of posting another picture of sleeping Janey I will actually follow through.

Here's the deal:
Pick the fourth photo from the fourth folder in your computer.
Post it and tag four other people.

I just can't believe what picture it ended up being.
It shows how weird and controlling I am.

Here's why:
I didn't take this picture.
Because I have the most insane popsicle stick phobia.
I simply cannot be around anyone eating a popsicle.  Ever.

(Told you that I'm weird.)

So while we were at my sis in law's desert house she pulled out the demon popsicles.
All of the cousins were super excited. 
Especially my kids who had basically never had one.
All they know is frozen Gogurts that they are only allowed to eat in the bathtub.
I ran inside, but not before demanding that they eat them sans clothing.
Perhaps I should invest in these?  (Thanks Lisa!)

(Can you say controlling?)

Because I hate food coloring stains almost as much as popsicle sticks.
Don't even get me started on Jello!

So I am tagging Casey, Shannon, Marcela and Angi.  (Which by the way, are all super cool friends of mine who recently started blogging.)

I wonder what their pictures will say about them!


  1. I'm pretty sure LAZY mom-of-3 is an oxymoron.

  2. right there with you. unfortunately my kid doesn't have the cute "fed-myself-spaghetti-in-my-highchair-and-now-it's-all-over-everything" pictures. i've never been a big fan of food messes. he does eat the popsicles, but only with his mama circling like a vulture with the napkins all the while...:)

  3. I can't believe that you are blogging w/a brand new precious lttle girl and you have 2 kiddos. Kudos to you!!!
    Congrats in the cutie~~

  4. hahahaha! It`s because of the wood stick isn`t it! lol! Too funny! I will have to read the directions again and figure it out!

  5. Oh I have a lot of weird quirks like that. I don't like the sounds of one licking a ice cream cone... it's like a person's mouth waters anticipating that first taste so when they lick for the first time it makes a gross squishy tongue bubble (fart) noise... totally just gave myself chills ugh! The actual stick being wood in popsicles is what bugs be about them... I think of slivers and that Dr. with a tongue depressor taste. I have a lot of eating/mouth issues I guess!

  6. Too funny! Have you ever seen the "Dripstiks?" They are popsicle/ice-cream holders that make it easy for little hands to eat messy gooey things like popsicles without a nervous hovering mom nearby with a mountain high stack of napkins:) I think you can see a picture here,

    but we got ours at ToysRus! Love them!
    Congratulations on the birth of Janey!

  7. Been out of town and am just now catching up on all my favorite blogs. Congrats on the beautiful new baby - she is darling!

  8. LOL...I am the same way...I hate buying those things but hubby sneaks them in with Lexi when I am not around...eek

    Oh if you find time come over and give me some advice on a bathroom issue if you don't mind. You always have great ideas.