I did this with all of my girls.

But it is never too late right?
Doesn't the youngest always complain that they hardly get any pictures?
For Janey it is seeming to be quite the opposite.
Perhaps because she is so happy.

My sis-in-law made me the most brilliant gift.
She printed out a sign for each of the first 12 months of Janey's life.

It is something I had always wanted to do for both Halley and Lucy, but at the time seemed too much to pull together.  (Blame it on the insane colic and reflux.)  After I missed taking a picture that first month I just threw the plans in the trash.

So now, each month on the 30th, I am going to grab one of these sweet signs, some fun fabric and click away.

Hopefully she won't sleep through them all.

I think the signs would make the best baby gift.  Pick a cute frame and font, plug in the dates, print and you are all set.  Useful, creative and very affordable.


  1. LOVE this idea!!

    And I have been telling myself to NOT do something just because I never did it for Moses or the other way around...they are two different people and will have and should have two different life experiences. :)

    Here is where I got Moses current sleep sacks...


    You can get up to a 4t -5t. :) LOVE them!! And just got a cute one for baby A at Target for like $4!! :)

  2. I have never seen this done with the signs. Cute! Another favorite of mine is having them where the same size 12 mo. plain white onesie for each of the 12 pictures, to show how they've grown into it.

  3. She is seriously gorgeous!!! And what a sweet idea.. wish I did that with Andrew ah! :)

  4. i too love this idea and am kicking myself for not doing w/ our boys...they are 5 & 7. such a cute idea!!

  5. I think I am going to start doing that now with Sis and Ry!! HAHAHA!! J/k! SOOOOOO PRECIOUS!

  6. One of the neatest ideas yet. I might just do this for all three of my kids..maybe with them altogether. Anyway, it's sweet!

  7. She is so precious! Great idea too! Wish I had done that for my little one.

  8. I have been doing this with my 2nd daughter since she was born in Sept. Every day on the 9th, I take a picture with a sign & in the same chair with a stuffed bear (so I can see how she grows in comparision to the bear.) I wish I did this with my older daughter!

  9. This is the best idea! I always take the pictures each month, but forget to label them. I have lots of pregnant friends right now, so thanks for the great gift idea ;)

  10. Adorable.
    I might use this for the next little one.

  11. I did something similar with my #3 too. For the first year, on the 6th of each month we propped him/sat him next to a stuffed dinosaur his older brothers made for him at Build-A-Bear before he was born. Now that he's passed the baby stage and moved into the toddler phase I'm glad I did it. And I'm glad I only did it with him. There are plenty of things I've done with all 3 but that's his special thing. :)
    Can't wait to see these each month!