Save Handmade Toys

I am guessing that if you read my blog, or blogs like it you have an affinity for handmade goods.  Within a few short weeks that may all change.

In wake of the lead paint fiasco that rocked the toy world last year the government is attempting to implement safeguards.

Terribly misguided safeguards that have the ability to decimate the handmade  movement.
Making anything intended for children under the age of 12 will become illegal without costly independent testing.

Testing for lead and other dangerous chemicals.
Chemicals that crafters avoid already.
So, if I wanted to make a blanket or tee for a new little one?
Hair clip?
Soft stuffed bear?

One of the reasons I began to buy handmade was not only to support independent crafters, but to find safer alternatives to toys in the stores.  It seems so insane to me that these same safe, natural and lovingly handmade goods are now considered potentially dangerous.

Let you voice be heard and take a stand for handmade.
Click here for simple things that you can do to make a change.
One person can make a difference.


  1. Yes, I heard about this, and blogged about it a couple weeks ago. Very sad. While I can understand a bit why they're doing it [government doesn't know what's in all items for sure], it's still so sad, and so wrong. :(

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  3. I came across your blog, from my friend Christians blog, I make hairbows for children and had not heard about this, thanks for blogging on it and I now know and have spread the word! Thanks, I am enjoying your blog.