Meet my new BFF.

The one thing that gets a huge chunk of my time two times a week.
More than my friends, more than just about anything else.
One of the reasons that I am behind on so many projects.

Just me and the machine.  Spending a ton of quality time.  Listening to baby's heartbeat and clicking her wild movements.

Can't find me?  I'm not answering my phone?  Chances are I am rocking a non-stress test.  All while nestled in the extraordinary comfort of a mauve pleather recliner.  

We only have a few more meetings.  Until then, thanks for helping take care of my little girl! 


  1. I had very bad gestational diabetes and had weekly appointments with the NST as well :) Even though it took so much time, it was never boring to me. I LOVED hearing that heartbeat.

  2. Hi there, how far along are you? I'll have to look back at your blog to see if there are any other postings. By the way, stop by my blog, there are some cute cuffies you might like for your little girl on the way (when she's a little older). Take care

  3. Never mind. I just saw that your little girl was already wearing these cuffies. Take care

  4. don't know me, but I too spend two days a week with that lovely machine. I had high blood pressure prior to this pregnancy (a few days after delivering my first daughter), so just started these last week. Oh so fun :) Glad to hear I'm not alone!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  5. I had no idea you had to do these tests so often!! Goodness!! Have you read some books during your QT with the NST?!!

    Hope you are doing well!!

  6. Oh, I feel your pain, and that machine got real cozy when I was preggers, too. Hang in there!