I try to use up all of the leftover wood scraps I can, to feel a little better about the forest that was cut down in the name of my signs.

This year I ordered these Happy Birthday Jesus tags from Cocoa Studio and put the little wood blocks to work.

Some Mod Podge, spray glitter, an eye hook and ribbon was all it took to make this simple, yet meaningful ornament.

It would make a great gift topper too.  Check around to see if you have any extra wood pieces.  I be you will be surprised.  Even Lowes and Home Depot lets you take their scraps for FREE!

Paint them, glitter them, give them away....

Come back tomorrow for a fabulous birthday giveaway!
(Here's a hint.... it includes some of my favorite things!)


  1. Great ornament idea!
    and even better message.

  2. What a wonderful idea, I have a garage FULL of wood scraps! I never would have thought of making ornaments!

  3. Super cute! And you're right - I dug through many a Lowe's scrap bin as a high schooler building projects for school from their free scraps. They even cut stuff for me when needed!