Of the outcome of today's election....
God is still God.
He can redeem our choices and use them for His Glory.
He is the ultimate leader anyway.

So..... go out and vote.
If for no other reason than a free cup of Starbucks Coffee or a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
Because, if you don't vote, you can't complain about the outcome.

On a super random note... I was thinking back to election nights past and remember the year 2000 in particular.

Jason had just began working at the church and a family had us over for dinner.

I was still a vegetarian at the time (that 10 year extravaganza has ended) and forgot to tell them.  They served us steak and for our drinks they gave us milk with ice cubes.  No water.  No other choices.  In fact they even had a pitcher of milk on the table.  Seriously.  I am the only one who thinks that is a strange offering?  Well, I might pour a splash of milk into my coffee every morning, but I certainly don't drink it iced or, with dinner.  So needless to say it was more than a tiny bit awkward.  I can't think about that family without thinking about ice cubes and milk.

Any fun or weird election night memories?


  1. LOL - I had to comment and say that I ONLY drink milk with ice and so does my man - we found that we had a lot of weird things in common like that. Oh and my best friend and her hubby have to have iced milk too... in frozen mugs ;) Happy Election Day - I voted :)

  2. i totally agree with your post today. go God!
    my weird election night memory was in 92 when i was in college at moody bible institute. a bunch of midwestern girls were crying when clinton won. it was weird.
    btw... did you get my email?

  3. Um...so what did you eat that night. Did you force yourself to eat the steak and drink the milk?

  4. That is so funny - what a weird thing to serve people. I remember having to watch the election in junior high for social studies and thinking it was all so boring. I wish I had paid attention because I had to google exactly what an "electoral college" is. Silly me.

  5. I think the whole milk with ice thing is very odd.

    Thank you for your election post. I really needed to come home and see that after our watch party tonight.
    Helped to put me back and my place, and remember that He is in control, and though I don't know his plans, it will be good.

  6. No funny election stories but I remember my grandma making us drink milk with ice cubes in it with dinner when we would spend the night. Gross. I bet you were so grossed out by the carcass on that plate!

  7. Where do you vote that gives free coffee and donuts? I didn't even get an "I Voted" sticker!

  8. I had to giggle about the milk comment because I will never forget the day that my aunt gave me a glass of milk as a child and put ice cubes in it. I thought it was the most crazy thing in the world! I even told her that I thought it was weird so I totally understand your surprise!