Our friends who ditched us and moved to Tennessee are vacationing in a nearby beach house.

That just happens to be my new imaginary beach house.

They had us and some other dear friends over last night for dinner.
I wanted to stay forever.
Don't get me wrong.  I love my real house.  But I spend quite a bit of effort dreaming about my imaginary house.  Isn't that what the Pottery Barn Catalog is for?
It was simple, yet gorgeous.  Straight out of Coastal Living.  Three bedrooms, two baths, windows everywhere and a great big kitchen.  (Oh the meals I would cook looking at that view.)
Did I mention it was on the sand?
Or it has a HUGE studio above the garage?  (The things I could create in there.)
Or the real live bed on the master bedroom's balcony?  Complete with scrumptious linens?  (Each morning I would wake up, snuggle under the down comforter and watch the waves with coffee and my Bible study.)

So as we sat on the sand, around the campfire, while all 11 of the kids were playing, we started talking about what life would look like in that house.
Would we appreciate it?  Or would we be too busy to realize how amazing our lives were?

I would like to think that I would breathe in the wonder of it every single day.
For now it is just a happy part of my pretend world.

Where is your imaginary house?

Mine is at 3125 Beach Road.  I visit it every night about 3am.  While I am sleeping.


  1. On a lake in the country. Straight out of Cottage Living magazine, all vintage cool and open. sigh.
    There's a breakfast nook in the kitchen and it's old-style, almost farmhouse-like. You walk in the foyer and there's a staircase in front of you, a dining room to the left and a living room to the right. Everything is a bit worn, but warm and full of books...
    Obviously I could go on and on...

  2. Get ready for some company that you have never meet b/c I can be there in a couple of days ( I too live in TN so I can pretend I know the beach house people haha!)Wow! How I would love to wake up looking at the beach. We wake up to a view of the lake but man, there is nothing like the beach and it's breeze.!! ENJOY!!

  3. Okay...so I am TOTALLY not a sand and beachy kind of girl, but looking at that picture and letting my mind wander as I read your post, I could TOTALLY get used to that lifestyle as described by you! Ummm...FUN!!

    My dream house is in the mountains...where it snows a ton during the winter and a little creek runs steadily all summer long...just at the edge of our property and where deer come to drink in the evenings as we are sitting on our deck watching the kids run free! There are lots of windows and tons of natural light so I can take photos in every room of the house without a second thought!! There are two or three steps down to our sunken living room where a fire burns all winter. Okay, okay...can you tell that I totally dream about this too?! My dream isn't quite the same as yours, but it is a dream nonetheless!!

    Hope all is going well this week for you guys!!

  4. Mine is on the coast of Maine...a combination of Cottage Living, Coastal Living, and American Bungalow all rolled into one!

  5. Right now I am dreaming of an older house that is in the city. You know where there are a ton of trees and right now there would be leaves everywhere!

    and inside "my" house all of the wood work has so much character and it just feels so cozy and comfy. Oh and it has to have a lot of windows and a big backyard with a swing set and just the loveliest grass you've ever seen, so when I walk barefoot it feels like I'm walking on cool comfort... I could go on and on, but I'll stop!

  6. Beautiful photo!
    My "dream" house is currently under construction!

  7. Every time I walk the boardwalk at Newport, I think about living in one of those beachfront houses, and muse about how perfect my life would be then . . .

  8. We had a beach house on that very beach and sold it last year after 20 years of bliss. So many memories and such a cozy place. We did appreciate it although probably not as much as an imaginary house. Think laundry and El Nino. Luckily we have married into another one just up the shore a bit.
    I now live in the house I never dared dream of and certainly don't deserve but I am so grateful. Think Father of the Bride local edition.
    Blackberry Farm in Tennesee is another dream...Check it out