The last couple of days have been really weird.  Lucy has never known what it is like to be an only child (if even for three hours a day) and I forgot how easy it is to only haul one cute kid around.  She is a whole different person when she isn't competing with her sister and I am finding that I have to be a totally different parent to her.  Instead of heading home after dropping Halley off at school to face loads of laundry and a floor in desperate need of a Shark Steam Mop, we swung by Starbucks.  My sweet friend just had a baby and really deserved a little treat.  Lulu got the most expensive drink out of the three of us and gulped down every single sip.  It was so refreshing to hide from my to do list for the day, get my critter a $4 smoothie, chat with a new mom and rejoice in the birth of baby Kapri.  I am thankful for the next few months where I will be able to focus on little Lulu and pour into her life before her new baby sister comes along.

But my random day isn't the reason that you are checking my blog today is it?  I bet you really just want to know who is the lucky winner of The Pleated Poppy Giveaway.  Pop back over there, she just restocked bunches of Posy Pins and Posy Clips.  Perfection.


Thanks for all of your entries and for sending Lindsay some love.  I have another really fun giveaway in the works for next week so get ready!


  1. Your littlest is lucky. :-) And B is lucky too. :-)

  2. Yea- I'm anxious to have some one-on-one time with Kaysen next year. Hope you guys get to do some fun things together in the coming months. Laundry will ALWAYS be there and the floors are always least in my house!!!

  3. i know what you mean with going from 2 down to one. i love spending my afternoons with my addie lulu :)

  4. I just recently had this going from 2 to 1 since my preschooler is in pk-4 this year. My sweet toddler and I didn't know what to do with ourselves the first week, so we did alot of cleaning and organizing. And this past week we started venturing out after dropping my oldest off at school and my toddler is loving her time with mom. I could really get accustomed to the non-bickering that is going on at my house during the week. =)

  5. she s a cutie patotie!! I love the eyes!!

  6. thanks so much for the love, julie!

    and isn't it amazing how easy and fun just one kidlet can be!? i'm really enjoying these times, too.