I can make bows.  I can make clips.  I can make hair bow holders.  What I cannot do is make my darling daughter wear bows or clips.
We have begun to call her Donald Trump (in the nicest way possible).  Can't you just see the resemblance in the hair?  Is it any wonder that her modeling agency had to "let her go"?  Well, actually when she became "unemployed" at 18 months it was because of her lack of hair, rather than her current abundance of Donald Trump / mullet-ness.

So as I return from that digression, here is an easy tutorial on how to make your own hair bow holder.  Hopefully it will be useful for more than a wall decoration that is currently collecting dust.

Pre-stretched canvas in any size (mine is 16 x 20)
Fabric (a bit bigger than the canvas)
Staple gun
Ribbon (5 yards should be more than plenty)

(Click on any picture to see better detail.)
Lay your fabric out and place canvas on top.
Cut a few inches bigger on all four sides.

On one of the edges fold fabric under and then staple in place in the middle.

Repeat on all four edges, in the center, being sure to pull fabric tight and even.

Keep stapling every few inches, alternating sides so the fabric stays straight and even.  Tuck in your corners, cutting away any extra fabric.  Martha would probably faint if she saw my corners, but I am a human, not a robot.  Besides, the back will be against the wall.  Who would ever know?

This is what it should look like when all edges are secured.

Look how cute!  

Lay your ribbon on top of the canvas to figure out how many rows you want to make.  Cut each piece a few inches bigger on the top and the bottom. 

Flip canvas over and staple ribbons to the back, keeping your spacing even.  Repeat this with the bottom edge.

Just like that you are done!

Hooray!  Your bows can now be organized and accessible and your new holder makes a great room decoration.

Now, does anyone have any tips to force Donald Trump into wearing some hair pretties?  I never put anything in her hair (actually, bald head) when she was younger so I think that I missed the opportunity of girly hair training.


  1. My daughter has the same hair. It drives me crazy!! Why can't my little one have long beautiful locks?? Did your little one just get hair about 6 months ago?? Mine did and now it grows in all different directions. Luckily mine LOVES to wear bows and headbands. She actually cries if she doesn't So very Diva-ish! I have no suggestions on the hair bow situation...just wanted to tell ya I feel your pain on the Donald Trump hair!

  2. oh my goodness seriously your daughter is adorable!!!! lovin' the trump look. my daughter wouldn't keep anything in her hair either so i chopped it off and it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. now suprisingly she will let me put one small clip in to keep the bangs out of her eyes which is my all time pet peeve! although this morning she ripped that dang korker bow out and threw it in the parking lot...oh the joys of my girly tom boy :)

    your corners look fab by the way!

  3. So funny that you posted this! A friend of mine is getting ready to have a little girl (after two boys!!) and we have been emailing and chatting back and forth about the variety of hair bow holders!! I had NEVER seen this style until she sent me a link last week!

    Super easy to make!! I have GOT to do something as Gentry's bows and headbands are OUT OF CONTROL!!

    Thanks for sharing this girly fun! No tips on how to get little Lucy to leave in her hair pretties, but she sure is a cutie pie! Wish you lived in AZ so we could hang out!! Maybe Gentry would rub off on her!!

  4. what a cute cute bow holder!
    i love it.
    and looks easy to make too. even better.

    the only idea i have that has worke dof rme occasionally in the past is to have the tv on...like put them in a dora coma and then i get them dressed and i can occasionally brush hair and even get a barrette in. and they are so zoned out on dora they don't notice for quite awhile.

    good luck.
    mostly i gave up and cute their hair short enough to look girly and cute at the same time. no hassle at all. we rarely even brush it.

    so...you hide fabric and eat butter flavor crisco? that's quite a combination. :)

  5. My daughter had so much hair when she was born we had to use a barrette to keep her bangs out of her eyes. Of course she didn't like it and kept pulling it out. Now she's six and is finally wearing her hair in a barrette! Or sometimes in 3 or 4 ponytails. She has a fashion all her own!
    I really love the hair clip holder! Now that she'll wear the things in her hair, I have to find someway of keeping them tidy! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. I think there's a "bow window". You know, put them on when they're babies or wait until they are "of the age of reason"...whenever that is. I say it's when they can be bribed with candy.
    LOVE the bow holder, though. I've spent her college tuition on bows and clips... at least they'll be seen on the bathroom wall. My 20 -month-old will pull out the bow while simultaneously saying, "sorry, Mama". How can I get mad? :)

  7. I have 2 boys and have always wanted a girl for the purely selfish reason of putting bows in her hair. you've just crashed my dreams!! I can't believe that little girl does NOT equal cute hair bows!!! ;)

  8. My little sassafrass doesn't much care for bows always, either. The days I force her to I always tell her she can take them out after the *event* in the car. Most of the time that works. She so doesn't care what I say most of the time, either. Yeah, she's sassy like that. Not sure what to do about her.

  9. what a great idea! looks pretty easy too! now, where did you get that hula girl fabric; I must have it!! :)

  10. let's see, about your baby girl not letting you put bows in her hair i'd suggest distracting her with a book, toy, cartoon, whatever her little heart desires and then you should gently caress her hair..then on a little pony tail quickly clip her bow :]

    or after a snack and bath when she takes a nap, gently make a little pony tail with an ouchless rubber band..then put your clippie in...

    i hope it works!! <3

  11. Not only is this a fantastic idea, but it was such a great tutorial! Thank you for joining the party! By the way, (here's a random comment) you have gorgeous hair! :)

  12. hi! a great bow holder...I think I'll make one for my daughter and another for a gift! I always had to put two clips in my daughters hair...she always pulled out one, and forgot about the other! And I always did her hair while she was eating her toast in the morning....and I made a funny voice and said"welcome to my beauty parlor"....she would giggle....what crazy things to do for just a bow in the hair!!! -jess

  13. That is fab and seems so easy. I have two girls and they both love hairbows, so I am swimming in them, this is a great idea!

  14. That is fab and seems so easy. I have two girls and they both love hairbows, so I am swimming in them, this is a great idea!

  15. Oh my goodness!! THis is so cute and SO easy!! Thank you for sharing. I know I'm late but I'm looking for birthday gift ideas and this is PERFECT!!! Thank you!!

  16. Great tutorial! I featured you over at my blog : http://mytrendytykes.blogspot.com/2009/02/hair-bow-holders-and-hairbow-holder.html

  17. This is adorable! Mine will let me put in a clip but then I a few minutes later I hear, "no bawette" and she's handing it to me!

  18. Gorgeous! I love making hair bow holders...you need a place for all those bows! :) She is simply adorable!! I like the hair do!

    Best of luck!

  19. Wow! That's a nice way of organizing my collection of hair bows. Thanks for sharing this detailed tutorial. I think convince little Lucy by saying that she will look more cute and adorable in wearing hair accessories.

  20. That's a great idea, the very best solution for moms to organize their baby's hair bows, yet this hair bow holder can also be a cute decoration in the house. Right? Thanks for sharing this. :)

  21. Hello Dear!!!
    I have a daughter too, and I love hair clip organizer, your idea is great, congratulations!!!
    Thank you very much for your amazing tutorial!!!
    Kind Regards,

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  23. LOL My daughter's have always been bow wearers, but recently, the oldest has started taking a real interest in it because I took her to Hobby Lobby and let HER pick out the ribbon for her newest bows. Once I actually sat down to make them, I showed her what I do and now at 5yo she wants to make them too! LOL x) The key to get kids to take an interest in something is to involve them! ;)