Something like this would make laundry bearable?
Because for a second today, I sure did.
A local store is going out of business and selling all of their fixtures.  Seriously, how fun would this be?  I would keep it in the garage (aka craft room, aka laundry room, aka playroom, aka black hole, aka spider den) and all of us could throw our dirty clothes in it.  Or, in my fake, imaginary mansion, I would keep it in my ginormous laundry room and elves would do all of the work for me.  Including diapers.


  1. the only way laundry is ever bearable is when little elves are doing it for you. :-)

  2. Those remind me of the carts my aunt has at her mop shop.
    Oh, I agree with Melanie...

  3. Oh my goodness! If I had something that huge to put our laundry in I would be in panic mode! I am glad we have a small little hamper and I am forced to do 2-3 loads daily...keeps it under control!!

    Let me know if you find the elves!! I wouldn't mind one or two myself!!

  4. that would be great if there was a cleaning lady inside to do the laundry for you....
    a girl can dream

  5. Julie...that thing is horrendous!!
    How much laundry can one woman bear??....the constant push is easier to fathom than an endless pit on wheels like that thing!! What in the world!!?? a smaller version like at the laundry mat would make it more manageable.. and fun for the girls in between loads...i hope you walked away from that crazy deal...
    what else...i have really been enjoying your sense of humor ... you are one hilarious gal!!
    love it!!

  6. I would hide a redheaded orphan in it to help her escape from Ms. Hannigan. ..

  7. Am I the only one shocked that the thing is marked $85?!?!

    Am I cheap? I just can't imagine paying $85 for something that holds dirty stinky clothes. ;) Though it would be handy to have, for, say...$20. ;)

  8. this made me immediately think of the movie Annie when she sneaks out with Mr. Bundles. :)

    i am not sure all my laundry would fit in here! my light is not working in my laundry room right now. so i can only do it in the day but it's still dark. needless to say i am very very behind and standing on a 2 foot high pile of dirty laundry just to reach my washer. laundry is never ever ending.....

  9. That is hysterical! I would love a laundry fairy too!