Thanks for all of the comments and for sharing what things have been on the back burner in your lives.

What we all wish we were doing:

Keeping up on our scrapbooks.  (Depressing.  Thankful for Shutterfly.)

Taking time to pray.  (Would make everything better.)

Making things for ourselves, instead of just gifts.  (Problem numero uno.)
Exercising.  (Rather do anything else.)

Pampering:  massages, manicures, new clothes and shoes, etc.  (Guilty, in fact I have gift certificates that I haven't even used.)

Reading. (Actually a certain four book series written for teenage girls has recently sucked me in.  I may or may not have spent the last few nights reading by flashlight, thus sacrificing my sleep and my much needed good mood in the morning. Don't even get me started on the sore throat I woke up with, or the two remaining books that are calling my name.  Stupid, stupid vampires.)

"Date" our husbands. (Need one right now.)

Travel. (I'm traveled out...)

Take more pics.  (Doing okay.)

Print pics. (Horribly guilty!)

Sew.  (Got a huge stack of projects in the works.  Stupid vampires are keeping me away from them.)

Organizing.  (Don't even get me started.  Wanting a fairy godmother or HGTV to appear at my doorstep and take this one over for me.)

Cook and bake. (Guilty.  Hungry right now.  Too tired to do anything about it.  Stupid vampires.)

Using embroidery machine. (Okay, so mail it to me and it will get used.  I promise.  Seriously.  If I had one?  Are you kidding?  Who needs vampires when you have an embroidery machine!  My address is....)

Which brings me to the winner....

Congrats Bethany! Have fun exercising!
My current workout plan will involve paint, saw, sander and Modge Podge.


  1. YAY YAY YAY!! I won something FUN!!! Thank you SO much Julie!!

    We have been gone all day and this was the best little bit of news to come home to!!!

  2. Sorry, I accidently deleted my comment. Forget stupid vampires--stupid Amy!

    That's some list! Congrats to Bethany on the sign!

  3. I just started reading Twilight and I'm hooked!! UGH!!! I can't get anything done. I was actually stirring dinner and reading tonight!!

  4. I totally spent two weeks reading the first 3 books back to back. I was sucked in (get it...sucked in? LOL!) and couldn't read fast enough. I'm holding off on breaking dawn until this weekend when I'm going out of town. It's been killing me (LOL!) to not read it. I haven't read this much since I was in school!

  5. Yay yay yayyy Julie!!!
    I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that you're a Twilight fan!!
    Oh my goodness, when you get sucked in, you're hooked!!