I take a lot of pictures.  What I don't always do is take the best care of my camera.  I know that I should and it is showing major signs of my neglect.  Since a brand new one isn't in my future I am planning on making some practical and cute changes.
I never wear it around my neck because the horrible faux leather combined with my heavy lens strangles me.  Quite a few horrific drops and broken filters could have been avoided by just keeping it attached to me.  Shealynn  is making the cutest strap covers to solve my exact problem.  She is even giving one away here.  How cute would this be on your camera?  Watch out, I just might beat you to it!
Does this look like any old messenger bag to you?  Don't be fooled!  Look at what is hiding inside:

Under the trendy fabric goodness are padded compartments for your camera, lenses and anything else that you might need for a day out.  This definitely beats throwing my uncovered camera in my purse along with sippy cups and goldfish.  You can find more bags like this here.
So dear camera, thanks for all you do for me.  I am sorry that I haven't been better to you.  I am making an effort to make your life easier, and you will look good too.


  1. I too have that exact TracyJoy bag and I love it! I love that you can change out the flaps - perfect for someone with ADD like me :)

  2. Beautiful bag! My husband says I need one of those straps that go across your chest with pockets so I'll always have my camera in a safe place. I like the bag way better!

  3. I dream of one day owning a Tracy Joy bag of my very own *sigh* I love the strap too! I've been procrastinating making one for myself but I hope I win so I don't have to, lol!

  4. Oohhh...I better get signed up for that strap! You know me...my camera goes everywhere! I just added a strap to my Etsy faves earlier today! Funny!

    And those bags?! If only I had know they sold them on Etsy in May before I bought my current one! This may just be something to add to the Christmas list!!

  5. I love that bag too! Unfortunately, it's not big enough for my. :( Next bag I buy for my camera gear is the big rolling case. It's adorable, though!

    And, that strap!! Oh la la! ;) LOL! I know I make them, but I love them too!! ha ha