While I was gone my mailman brought the following obsession inducing catalogs to my mailbox:
Mini Boden (my absolute favorite... the one that makes me the most weak)
All of which went directly into the recycle bin because I just can't deal with the temptation.  But then the backpacks from Garnet Hill caught my eye... Halley needs one for school, and I am not getting a princess one, no matter how much she pleads.  So I fished Garnet Hill out but didn't stop looking when I passed the backpack page.  While I still am seconds away from ordering this butterfly yummyness, I did not order this for my currently unicorn-obsessed toddler.
Instead, I made it myself. For $1.97, thank you very much, Target clearance rack t-shirts, which I can never resist.
And while I had the sewing machine, ironing board and fabric out and needed to prolong my resisting of cleaning the house and folding laundry I made this little butterfly from this pattern.
So thank you mailman, you gave me reasons to get done what I shouldn't, and gave me great ideas to make myself feel better about the temptation you brought into the house.
Off to fetch the Mini Boden catalog out of the bin...
What can I make from there?


  1. Oh, I LOVE the butterfly. Downloaded the pattern and will be adding it to something soon. Would't it be so precious on a burp cloth, a quilt, a skirt, a t-shirt...

    Thanks, J!


  2. I wasn't reading carefully enough and I thought the unicorn was the one from the catalog. I was going to suggest you could make it, but of course you already knew that. :)

  3. Cute shirts! I am sure you will tell us later but how did it go with the baby and the disposable diapers on your cruise?

  4. Love the unicorn and butterfly! Those are so awesome!!

  5. You've officially out-done yourself. Beautiful. I hope you have a boy so I can copy all the fun ideas I know you'll come up with. :)

  6. I blog hopped here yesterday and I went home last night and got started on making a shirt for my daughter. (I just new I had all of the left over peices from her quilt for a reason!)
    For my older daughter, I thought about making a flower on a denim skirt instead of a butterfly. I thought a flower seemed "big kidish" you know...as big kidish as you can get for a 2nd grader! ;o)