So you are at a dinner party... what two topics should you never bring up?  Religion and politics.  Being married to a pastor means the conversations either become lively between new people I meet or they suddenly rush off to refill their punch.  Being a Christian is so much a part of my every day life and who I am that it does not even occur to me to not talk about it.  In each word I speak I always want to be loving and encouraging above all, in the same way Jesus was to all who came across his path.  I know at times I fail miserably and am not exactly a perfect example.  But I try.

What I don't try to do is share my political views or opinions.  Mainly because I don't really know what they are.  Many of you have sweetly asked which way I am leaning after what I heard and learned this weekend.  I wish I could say that I came home from hearing both candidates share knowing securely where I stand.
I don't.  I am just a simple, stay at home mom, trying to live an authentic life in a much less than authentic place.
My heart breaks for the sick, the poor, the orphans, those at war and those without access to acceptable education or healthcare.  I wish our country had better programs in place to serve the vast needs in our people.
But at times I just wish that Jesus would come back and take us away from this broken world.
I feel like the problems that we all face as humans are much bigger than any one man or one  administration could even begin to solve.
I want to see more of Christ in the Republican Party.
I want to see more of Christ in the Democratic Party.
Because when it comes down to it, this is not about me or what I think.  It is about what I do and who's life I can make a difference in.
I plan to pray for wisdom in my decisions come election day and pray that the person best suited to help our hurting world is put in the White House.
That is all I can do.  I encourage you to do the same.
Blessings and thanks.


  1. YOU said IT in a way that I repect...THANKS!

  2. oooppps...YOU said it in a way that I RESPECT...thanks for inspiring.

  3. I know what you mean. Its not that I think either candidate is a bad person--its just that I think Christ would just do such a better job! :)

  4. Ah, well put. I was one of those hoping for specific insight from you (which, of course, in hindsight is a terrible lot to ask really), but you know, this post gave me the answers I was needing to hear, affirmation of what I, too, believe in my heart, and definite much-needed encouragement for me to pray that very thing -- that God would put the right person in the White House, and that Christ would be seen more in both parties. Thanks for that reminder.

  5. girl, you hit the nail on the head with that post.  pray on, i will do the same and hopefully America will too! 

  6. Julie,
    You know that is the best thing we all can do is to pray for wisdom to vote the way God would lead.

  7. well said!
    thanks so much for being real on here. it is soooo refreshing to hear from Christian women on here and be encouraged even though i live all the way across the country.

  8. Perfectly said!
    Thanks for sharing that!

  9. Very well said! :) I totally respect everyone's opinions, and choices. I am praying and hoping for the right person to be put in the white house too... just hoping God says it's John McCain. ;) I have educated myself so much this election, so my views are really strong, and it's great, because I know why I am voting Republican, where as before, I always voted Republican, and never knew really why. Just knew that I was/am pro-life, and therefore want someone with those same views in office, but there is so much more to it than that! LOL!! I am still finding myself so lost in this political madness, but I feel just a tad more educated than I was 4 years ago, which feels good. God is ultimately in control!!! And, I am so glad for that! :)