It is Jason's birthday!  Last night we celebrated with all of the extended family at the beach.  Hard to think of anything better than pizza, cupcakes and silly party glasses.
My poor guy is in denial about the number of packages that show up on our doorstep.  He was shocked to see that one actually came for him.  Our dear friend Amy who is on an Alaskan cruise right now (lucky girl) sent him a ginormous coconut treat from Pink Cupcakes.  Don't be fooled by the girly pink exterior.  
Inside the box was a man-sized cupcake.  I had to fight him for some.  Good thing we opened it during naptime.  No extra mouths begging for a bite!
Halley ended the day with her favorite pajamas.  She has the I heart Mom ones too, but they don't get much wear.  (Can you hear me crying in the background?)  She even put them on while Jason was in Mexico "so Daddy will come home to us."

Happy Birthday Jason!  We love you!


  1. oh stop! i am hungry for that cupcake!! looks delish! ah, PJ's..gotta love those....Lily has a pair that scream daddy love, sweet!

  2. Party on the beach?! Oh...can you sense my jealousy? And I LOVE those big blue eyes in the first picture!! Gorgeous!!

  3. That's one well-loved Daddy! Yum on the cupcake!

  4. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but I love your creative "stuff"! I hope you don't mind I added you to my link list. LOVE the seahorse necklace...SUPER CUTE!

  5. hi julie,
    LOVE your blog. you inspire me to be more crafty...i confess i envy your consistency doing so! a few things...first of all, i wore those birthday glasses on my 29th. the best. you have any fabric websites you recommend? i am hoping to find cute fabric for less then $10 a yard!...finally, i read about your struggles getting Halley to eat more foods. If you want i'd love to chat with you about some of that OT background might be of help!
    hope you are well!
    Tristen anderson

  6. Ahh god I want a party on the beach, can't wait!
    canvas picture