While I was searching for a birthday gift for my sweet British friend I found this necklace inspired by a WWII poster.  It seemed perfect for her and just about any other person I could think of.  I feel like two weeks of being apart from my husband coupled with the day to day chores of life I have needed a gentle reminder to "Keep calm and carry on."  You can find your own over at Home Studio where they come in many gorgeous colors all guaranteed to help you through your most harried of days... British or not.


  1. I love that poster, but everytime I see it now I think of Tim Gunn from project runway saying, "Carry on."

  2. I saw this too and just love it. I may just have to order one for myself. Got to love Etsy!!

  3. So I am totally marking this shop as one of my faves! LOVE some of that stuff...and it is so reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing!!

    And the muffin tins are just WAY too cute!! They are so bright and happy!!


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