I have great respect for gift bags.  I think they are easy and quite beautiful.  I however simply cannot make myself use them. How many times have you opened a gift from a gift bag and awkwardly wondered if there might be something else hidden in the tissue paper.  If you check and there is nothing, you look greedy, like the original gift was inadequate, but if you don't check then the gift giver has to tell you to keep looking.  I also have zero storage to keep them in, and to be honest, I often don't want to spend the extra $3 - $5 to buy one, much less the inevitable $50 I will spend just by walking into Target.  So, I wrap all gifts I give the old school way.  Sometimes I have fun paper, but mostly I use brown packaging paper with beautiful ribbon.  Add a gorgeous tag, like the ones at Lemon Tree, One Ripe Peach, Little Bit Funky, or Jane Says, and your simply wrapped gift will be a present in itself.  I buy my ribbon online in 100yd. spools and I always have black, chocolate, red, pink and aqua on hand to cover all gift giving situations.  You won't be able to buy ribbon at the store after you see the prices here or here.  Get your scissors and tape out and wrap something the old school way.


  1. i just got an order from ribbonsandbowsohmy.com (crazy name!), and there prices are incredible! i'll have to check out your other link, too! thanks for the tip!

  2. first ...thanks for the mention...and second I completely agree...I hate to keep digging...I feel like I am saying...surely there is something else in here....right??

    have a happy day

  3. Well, aint you a sweet one for lovin the tags....oh, and I found that cupcake wrapping paper! It was my mission and now it is completed. I agree, I like to do the old school wrap, but I do buy bags sometimes....mostly for last minute-ers. I think we all prefer getting goodies inside a box...
    Happy day!

  4. Funny-- I was just thinking wondering if I would weasel out of wrapping a gift for tomorrow or find a bag! Think I'll go find some brown paper and ribbon......

  5. FUN post!! Lovin' that cupcake paper! I have two rolls on hand...ya know with this cupcake bash in the works I am bound to use some!!

    I fall into the give a gift in a bag category...but I desperately want out of it!! I have oodles of wrapping paper but usually no box or tape or something else I need to wrap the silly present!!

    I have ordered from ribbonsandbowsohmy.com before and love it! I have all sorts of fun goodies and ribbon from there!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Thanks for ALWAYS inspiring me and being so generous by sharing your fun resources.

    I like to wrap gifts...mainly becuase I'm too cheap to buy gift bags. I've been stuck in that awkward gift bag situation. I LOVE your idea of using simple paper and a REALLY cool tag and nice ribbon.

  7. i couldn't agree more!
    i do it the old-fashioned way as well. just went to a baby shower last night and thought the same thing as i watched her open all the other gifts (from gift bags). you never know if you should keep looking! haha.

  8. I feel the same way... Plus I just love how creative you can be when you wrap something... I thought of this post I read yesterday when I read yours today.
    It shows how to make the cutest fabric roses...that can be used on packages...