The evil flu is making its round through this house, so as I consume my 6th Otter Pop of the day (basically the only thing keeping me alive) I will share some pics from a little getaway Jason and I took last week.
We have never left the kids overnight before, and Jason's parents booked us a night at a quaint beachfront hotel for our birthdays.  Above is the view from our room.  Nothing beats sleeping to the sound of waves crashing.
The grounds were pretty and the hotel was pretty "retro", but the scenery and beach air made up for it.  The girls had a great time sleeping over at their grandparents house and we ate great meals and relaxed.
We had to play a game of checkers before we left.  As I was playing and Jason was letting me win (such mercy) my brain was trying to think of where I could paint my own shell checkerboard.
Off to Lysol and Clorox wipe the heck out of this germy house and to get yet another Otter Pop.


  1. Hope you all get to feeling better soon!!

  2. I hope you don't have morning sickness TOO!

    My sisters in-laws stay at that place every year. Gotta love the view!

    Did you get a bite to eat at Fisherman's? Yummy!

  3. So sweet of Jason's parents! Looks very relaxing. Hope you feel better!