Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday.

This is Halley's Bible.  I have repaired it nearly a dozen times.  Packing tape, scotch tape, hot glue gun, you name it.  But there are two things you don't know.  It isn't poorly made.  She isn't hard on her books.  In fact, if there is a tiny tear on a page of any book she literally will break down in tears until it is fixed.  She loves order and neatness.  This Bible looks like this because it is well read and well loved.  Each nap and bedtime we read her a story from it.  When she wakes up she looks through it in her bed until we come and get her.  It is her most treasured possession.  She can't read, yet she knows all of the stories.  We have had it less than a year and have already read through it twice.  I really wish I could say the same for my Bible.  I read through it in entirety once.  In 2002.  I wish I started each morning waking up, grabbing it and soaking it in before I faced the day.  I wish my Bible looked this bad.  I can only imagine how much different my life would look.


  1. Well said! I think that all the time...

  2. What in the world!!! She knows the stories and keeps going back to them because YOU ARE READING TO HER!!!!! You are reading HIS word to your (HIS) child..........Don't miss out in the TRUTH of that...what she is getting by your commitment to her being fed His Truth is something that you will never know the measure of..the weight and breadth (sp) that sowing is doing in her life at such a wonderful tiny age.. You
    are getting in the word too....
    if only we would all see Him through their eyes...the child's eye most times can see so much more because they see so much less about what they are doing in the relationship between them and the Lord and instead they see what HE is doing...and that is so very much!! I am inspired by this Julie...That is the TRUTH!! Thank you for your heart for Him!
    Blessings sweet friend!!

  3. Amen to Joy's comment! God loves you Julie more than you can possibly imagine!

  4. That is so sweet! I love that picture...oh I just have to say again...sweet!!

  5. That's so sweet. My daughter does the same thing.

  6. WOW, what a loved and worn book!!! That is so great, and you are sharing such special things with her, how awesome!!! xoxox!


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