Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunny Days

How cute is this scrapbook?  I bet you want one of your own!
I got it at a craft fair where you shop at the booths (most of which are un-manned) and then pay for all of your purchases at the check out line.  This booth had the most amazing albums, I could have bought one of each.
But you know what she didn't have?  A card, a tag or any other information on who she was, or where you could contact her to get more of her creations.  I practically had to fight my friend for this one.  I am hoping someone recognizes this and can tell me how to find the creator!


  1. That IS cute! And I DO want one! :0) Also...I have something for you over at my blog!! Come see!

  2. That little album is DARLING!! So super cute! LOVE it!! I can't believe she didn't have a business card! She is missing out on some sales!!

  3. hi, I'm not sure if I've commented before and I can't remember how I came across your blog... but I just thought I'd say hi.

    That album is so adorable! If and when you find out her info- please do share!

  4. very cute, your poor friend. hopefully she found one just as cute!

  5. This book is so cute. I barely saw it in the dark that one night. You need to check out my blog. I,ve been doing it everyday. harkinola2 I am still learning. We need to do Panera when you are home.

  6. Oh, I want one SO bad! She's definitely missing out on some sales...


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