My sister in law lives overseas.  Her and her friends have a little inside saying that is "NQR".  It stands for Not Quite Right.  I think it started when she was craving some American-style food and the interpretation of it was a nice try, but "not quite right."  Jason and I have been known to whisper "NQR" to each other in awkward situations and we find ourselves seconds away from laughing fits every time.  I parked next to this truck and just had to take a picture.  I am sure that was not the meaning that Isuzu had in mind at their pitch meeting for this particular model.  So basically this post is probably only funny to me, but now I have given you a code word that nobody will know when you are stuck in a "not quite right" situation.

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  1. Very funny Friend!!
    Do you always have your camera around your neck??? YOu always seem to take such spontaneous picts!!