I really want to update the all of the pictures in our house.  I have nice individual shots of each of the girls, but when I try to get them in the same frame disaster ensues.  This was the best shot of over 150 I took of them on Mother's Day.  I am not kidding.  I am tempted to frame it because so much of my life is moments like these.  Hardly any of it would resemble a picture studio shot with them both sitting quietly, smiling patiently while the camera clicks away.  Maybe this will fill the 20 x 24 frame reminding us to laugh each day.I am pretty bratty about a few things.  One of them is flip flops.  I usually ignore all of the fun colors and small prices in favor of the more expensive and more comfortable Havaianas.  Today I took a risk at Target and it payed off.  These glittery numbers feel amazing and were on sale.  Lulu didn't want to be left out so she got sparkly jellies with the money I saved by not buying fancy flip flops. 


  1. Hey girl!! Great new floppies!!I got mine from Tar-jay..too!! no fun glitter on mine.. but so comfy especially after you wear them all season...since..february!! LOVE your goats..er..girls!! That IS a great picture.. also.. anything in black and white is always great in a big frame.. go picnik it and put your little caption on it!! BE JOYFULL ALWAYS!!.. Your sweeties are great!!

  2. The picture of your girls is SO CUTE!

  3. LOVE the picture! Yes, you must frame it! I have been trying to get "picture perfect" shots at the beach this week- with no success- but now I am going to relax and let wonderful moments like this happen. They make you smile and that is something we ALL need.:-)

  4. hi julie--that picture is so super cute! it would be perfect in a frame!

    And, I hear ya on the Havianas--or however you spell those! THey are the most buttery soft, comfy, yummy flip flops around....like you're not ever wearing shoes! I can't live without them....last year I bought several pairs...in the wrong size (well, I was preggers and my feet got bigger..)and never wore them and the place where I bought them wont take them back (!).....what size do you wear..??

  5. I love your blog! I hope you don't mind me browsing it!

  6. i am so glad you commented to me this morning.
    I needed to visit your blog this morning. my heart is a bit heavy today and i know that God sent me you today to lighten it. I am so glad that He uses everything to communicate...even my blog addiction.
    thank you for your openness about your love for christ, your emotions, grief and joy.
    i feel God's presence when i am reading.
    AND i too dislike purple very much...i have those same brown sparkly flip flops and i love EUC. :)
    i want to be in the aqua apron club!
    have a wonderful wednesday!
    your sister in christ,